Any Advice Before Ordering From Fanatec?

Hello everyone,

I’m new to this forum and I have some questions. I’ve been doing lots or research and it appears everyone loves Fanatec’s products and their quality. The one thing that is making me have second thoughts about ordering from them is all the complaints I’m seeing from people regarding orders constantly being pushed forward several weeks, not answering emails in a timely manner, not answering the phone, and the frustration of not being able to leave voicemail messages because their mailbox is full.

I understand that COVID-19 has really put a damper on numerous businesses around the world but I recall seeing similar complaints from people regarding these same issues even before COVID was around.

I emailed Fanatec and got a response within 2 business days. My main question to them was if I could buy their products at their American headquarters which is Located in La Mirada California. (I live about 1.5 hours from their location.) Their answer was “no” because their facility is not set up to accept customers, only employees are allowed in their facility.

So please share with me how long you had to wait to receive your orders. I’d be really curious to hear from anyone who lives in or near California. Did you receive your orders quickly or did you have to wait a long time too?

I’m trying to determine whether or not I should spend my hard earned money to purchase from them now or maybe wait a few months to see if their shipping times and communication improves.

Any thoughts or advice that you have will be greatly appreciated. The only thing I ask is to please not try to convince me to purchase gear from other companies. I tend to be a customer that likes to purchase higher end equipment once rather than several times over. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Thank you for your time.


  • The impression I get from here is pay for 2 day shipping. I didn’t see that option until it was too late.

    I've asked if I could change my shopping method to 2 days but I’ve received no response to several emails. I suspect it’s too late.

    I am waiting for my order to arrive but it is very frustrating. I’m sure the products are of great quality but the customer service so far has been horrendous.

  • Thanks for the info Robert. I’ll look into the 2 day shipping option if it’s available. Definitely good advice. Hope you get your order soon. What day did you order?


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