$4000 order was all instock now 26th jan ???


I would have to win for the biggest order mistake timing of the year ordered 27/12


new gt3 pod wheel $999 (who does that)

v3 pedals and brake kit

shifter and hand brake

they all stated in stock and 1 to 3 days shiping

when I check my order it now says backorder on every product 26th jan ?

what could be the hold up :(


  • Try to get rid of the Gt3 pod wheel. It's new and you never know if they ran out of spares.

  • Indeed in Fanatec's site, every GT3 pod is only available for preorders. I'd suggest to edit your order with another steering wheel if you don't want to wait a full month.

  • the Australian website says in stock ready to ship 1 to 3 days

    I have emailed them but no reply so I cant really drop the wheel

    I also ordered the limited edition shifter when I did the order it was in stock now it says sold out on the page ..hope that means I got one of the last ones

  • The Australian Fanatec people are all away on holidays right now. Probably until next Monday, Jan 6th.

    I'm waiting on them too.

    Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. 🙄

  • Lol. How painfull is it. Someone must be there working. I ordered the handbrake mount on the 28th. The day after I did the big order. And it has been posted.

  • Sorry the performance brake kit. Not the hand brake mount.

  • Well, if someone is there and they're shipping items out, I'm only going to be even more unhappy about the delay in getting my dead Podium DD1 replacement... and I'm already extremely unhappy, to put it politely.

    Grrrrrrr. ðŸĪŽ

  • I still see the limited edition shifter is still available which is really disappointing since I got one, I was hoping this would be a real limited run to keep them special and valuable to those of us that bought them.

  • There sold out on the Aussie website now. As of 2 days ago.

  • Well, isn't that just a juvenile and silly sentiment. I would hate to disappoint you further but the "Limited Edition" shifter is not even numbered which means there are thousands of them available for sale. This toy will never appreciate in value and will only hold sentimental value to those who care about a different color and carbon knobs. As they are still available in the Europe and North American markets, if anyone is interested they could find a friend willing to ship it to them. (And by the way, actual limited edition objects typically sell for a higher premium than the standard edition...most people who have the limited edition shifter would have paid less than what the standard one costs today)

    Limited edition typically creates hype within a niche market and usually has no relationship with intrinsic worth. I when I received my Master's degree of Engineering at MIT, my parents gifted me a "limited edition" Cartier to mark the special occasion. It's only special to me and nobody else and has depreciated in value the moment it was purchased. On the other hand, I've had a reasonable relationship with my BMW dealership and was lucky enough to be selected to purchase a "30 yahre" BMW M5 some years ago. I only had the car for a month and a half (and it was fun!) because I received offers from car brokers willing to pay way above what I paid for it. In that instance, "limited edition" actually had a benefit. So don't lose your mind thinking that a used "limited edition" shifter that was anodized in a different color is going to be special to anyone else. But if you can sell it to someone for more than what you paid for it, then you should probably consider selling it right away-- I can assure you the liklihood of that happening is low particularly as the release of the poidum shifter is imminent.

    Best regards,


  • Tomas HelmsTomas Helms Member
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    WTF is up with this long worthless post! You do know you are in the fanatec boards...right. MIT grad, BMW dealership....what are you talking about? Do you know a Tomas Helms and think I am that person that I would care about anything you wrote. Are you still drunk from New Years? Lay off the booze a bit. Life is better when your not drunk all day! Please dont drive until you are sober!

  • Cassandra WCassandra W Member
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    I just love these forums that welcome all sorts of people with all sorts of backgrounds, wishes, dreams, aspirations, and levels of intelligence (even if they sound like insecure squares). Maybe one day I can sell my Limited Edition shifter for $500 ^_^



  • Tomas HelmsTomas Helms Member
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    insecure square...whatever that means..lol...coming from the person who came up with the BS scenarios to go out of their way to tell everyone they are an MIT grad, bought some BMW, and limited edition Cartier, my guess all of which is a lie. If that isnt crazy enough you did it on a sim racing forum...you are insane! Do me a favor wierdo, stop commenting on my posts! Lighten up on the booz, New Years is over and jealousy is a wasted emotion.

    I guess they dont read so well at MIT, where did I ever say I wanted to sell the shifter.

  • Little Tommy, why are you so against booze? You really sound like one of those always cranky, widely scourned, socialist migrants. The truth is, I can't resist picking on the intellectual weaklings but it might not be nice if you have FAS (not your fault). And if you think that your favorite company isn't responsible for lost packages, missed deadlines, and horrible roll outs, you should probably keep your head down and your mouth shut until you learn proper English.

  • Hey Cassie are you the same person with the big car collection at the seattle auto show in 2016? If so, I dont know if you remember me??? you gave me your contact at dinan for a new exhaust system?

  • Well since my order hasn’t been looked at or posted. I’m going to cook some popcorn. This is getting interesting.

  • Tomas HelmsTomas Helms Member
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    I migrated to this country 8 years ago, spent 18 months of my pre-teenage years in a refugee camp, I started with nothing here, trying to come on a Fanatec board to enjoy my products that I have bought for my family that I have worked so hard for and along the way try to give advice and help others. Reading some of your other posts outside this thread you seem to take exception every time I say something good about the product. Like I said I would request you stop repondiing to my posts directly and I will do the same so that I can get back to enjoying forums.

    Yes English is my second language.

  • Yes! I remember ^_^ BMW Seattle gave out VIP passes to the auto show that year and there were refreshments afterwards. I remember you brought your girlfriend/wife with you? I'll send you a PM. Cheers!


  • Will SuttonWill Sutton Member
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    I looked on the 4th and it showed in stock so I ordered and have no idea on what is going on....I would not have ordered if it showed as out of stock

    May cancel the order because am sick of Fanatec's lack of customer service

    Have just looked at the web site and it shows the Porche Wheel is "Ready to Ship" so they must have products

    <a href='https://postimg.cc/147561FM' target='_blank'><img src='https://i.postimg.cc/DynW92wV/porsche.png' border='0' alt='porsche'/></a>

  • ...and for everything else, there's MasterCard 😜

  • My implication was that people with your self-proclaimed privilege should recognise that for what it is, and do so with humility and decorum instead of being so crass. Shame your parents couldn't have gifted that that.

  • Hey Cassie i sent you a note when I'm in your area again we should connect for a coffee. I just came back from the USA...spent the Christmas there with some friends. What are the chances of running into you again on this forum?! If it wasn't for your bmw remark i wouldn't have even guessed. talk to you later.

  • Shame on you for making a feeble suggestions in a pathetic attempt to reform someone from the internet on a toy forum. Decorum? Srsly, are you here to make online friends? LOL You should have the basic level of intelligence than to pass public judgement on people who would pity you if they knew you, "Gagaryn" ;)

  • Guess what.

    my order has been shipped. My toy is on the way.

    thanks for the entertaining thread. 😎

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