Podium Advanced Paddle Module - top right button doesn't register

Installed the paddles on my Formula V2 according to instructions, cannot get it to recognize the top right paddle button at all. I've tried 5 different driver sets, including 365 and updated all firmware. I even switched the connections on the APM inputs and sure enough, the same button is not recognized on the left now. Did I get a defective set?


  • Sounds like your unit is damaged, yes.

    You should contact the support for a RMA.

  • I did, two days ago.

  • Is there any chance they'll send me a new unit for the right hand side only and then I can send the faulty one back? I really don't want to put the stock ones back on. Love spending $200 to replace the garbage stock units, waiting two weeks and now I can't use them properly for the foreseeable future.

  • Usually that’s not possible and I think both units have to be replaced, but you now need to wait for their answer next week.

  • That is honestly a bit enraging. I've spent over 2k on their stuff in the last few months.

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