Issues obtaining support with DD2 and R300 Podium

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I purchased a DD2 and R300 back in May and have had nothing but problems. I've submitted numerous support tickets yet beyond being told to install a beta driver none of the issues have been addressed. I've mentioned to support multiple times that I can't use the beta driver, it locks up my system. This is a weekly occurance with, in the middle of a game, wheel locks up, disappears from wheel properties until you move the USB cable to a different port. Then if you're lucky if might say DD2.... or you might be SOL and have to start from again because wheel properties detects it as a 8 axis 108 button driving controller with hat switch. Whatever that is.

Now I have to spend another hour fixing this.

Basic functionality has never worked, I take the time to submit videos your people are able to reproduce the errors and standard response, install the beta driver. This after stating in my support request that the only driver that works on my device is 346.

Open wheel properties , move a slider and the other settings change. Finally get your settings to save and exit wheel properties, go back in and everything is messed up. I'm told by support that the settings are being saved but there is no way for me to know for sure since you can't access the wheel base settings any other with with this wheel. This is basic functionality. Why you can't just patch your one nonbeta driver that works with this device combo. I lose FFB back every couple weeks and have to reboot the system is this related to my settings not being saved or something else.

Yet every other device connected to the PC continues working including my Husinkveld Pedals, Shifter and Handbrake.

Then if you install a beta and want support you're told to use the forums because beta software isn't supported by support. I paid a couple of thousand dollars with this equipment and honestly expected better support. I've worked in IT for twenty years and your support is certainly not on the high end of the scale.

Install 365 and the entire wheelbase locks up on a weekly basis, you can't even use the power button on the back of the DD2, that doesn't respond. Playing a game and lose control of the wheel. Have to reboot and move the USB cable to a different port for the PC to even recognize the device is connected. As an added bonus all your progress is lost.

Is there anyone from Fanatec that can help me get support with these devices. The last support ticket I responded to went unanswered. I open another ticket, same crap no response except the automated message that the ticket has been created.

All I asking if for you to provide support for the products you sold me, nothing more. If that's not possible I'll settle for a refund and buy something else. I spent close to 10K building a simulator and the most important part is the least reliable.



  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Robert,

    You should have received a new response from the support team today.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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