Fanatec DD1 Lost of signal on straight [Solution]

Hello everyone,

Since a fwew days i had random disconnexions on straight lines, and i've seen several guys in the same trouble. By following advices of some friends i bought a USB3.0 PCIe hub. Once i've installed it i have zero lost of signal. i've tried it around 3 hours in iracing and 10min in ACC (more than 100laps in total).

here is the link of the model i've bought :

hope that could help, tell me if it is the case

Best regards !


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    edited January 2020

    Have you tried other USB ports on your computer? The wheelbase function with USB 2.0 and so 3.0 can sometimes be unstable.

  • Cédric ByllCédric Byll Member
    edited January 2020

    Tried other 3.0 motherboard usb but no 2.0 port. I'll try it then

    Here is on précision from the iracing forum :

    [Quote]OK that isn't really a hub but a additional USB Controller.. Many DD2 especially when used with VR can overload the USB controllers on the motherboard as many motherboards use one or two USB controllers for 6-8 USB ports.. It is best to have DD wheel on it's OWN USB controller which is why in many cases it is recommended to connect a DD wheel to the USB2 ports on your computer as that buss is rarely used by anyone now and the controllers are usually built into the processor making them VERY stable.

    Otherwise using one of these PCI USB expansion cards is a good option the best ones being those that have a singe controller for each port.

    The particular board posted here appears to be a 1 controller for 5 ports which means you would ONLY want to have the DD connected to this card. a card like this has a dedicated controller for each port making it fully able to support VR and a Direct Drive wheel on it without dropouts."[/Quote]

  • One Week later feedback :

    I have no more issues by using the pcie card, and the usb 2.0 slot as the iracer mentionned. At the moment i'm usin the usb 2.0 slot at 100%.

    So if you've got the same issue try first usb 2.0 port. And if it's not ok go by a card like this one :

    Chose a card that have independents usb slots, that's what making it cost money, but you'll can plug base sensors from htc, DD, VR headset with no disconnexion. :)

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