USB Vs RJ12 connection (pedals v3)

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I read some comments around, but it's not completely clear to me yet.

What are advantages and disadvantagea of the 2 kinds of connections?

USB needed for updates if that ever happens

RJ12 needed for auto calibration, otherwise it's not available

I did not find any other difference, but I wanted to be sure. Any official comment on this matter?



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    There never was a firmware update for the CSP v3 since they were released over 5 years ago, so it’s best to connect them via RJ12 to the wheelbase which gives you the Brakeforce Adjustment option in the Tuning Menu. It will also save you one USB cable.

  • is there any difference in in speed of the data transfer between usb and rg12 also whats the best rg12 too get can i pick them up on ebay or fanatec direct.

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    There is no difference in speed or anything, no.

  • where can you get them from ?

    and its either via usb or rg12 lead not both ?

  • Yes, it's either usb or RJ12, never both at the same time our you will kill the pcb.

    You can get them through Fanatec Support.

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