csl elite not showing up in usb menu

hello i bought a csl elite ps4 bundle back in October and have hardly any use on it, my daughter broke my wheel that was on it so i bought one off someone and whenever i got it home i but the wheel on and went to power it on and whenever i do all i get is 3 yellow lights and a flashing red power light. whenever i pull up the fanatec wheel property page it doesnt even recognize my wheel or shows its even plugged in via usb, the wheel will only turn slightly right then back to center before it goes to the 3 yellow lights, i have did a full removal of all my fanatec drivers and reinstalled them with no luck any advice would be greatly appreciated as this wheel has less then 20 hrs on it


  • You put the wheel in PC mode?

  • whenever i power on the wheel it doesnt even let me do anything like holding the mode button doesnt even let me change modes

  • Contact support and send them a video of yourbissue. I had this same issue with my csl ps4 and fanatec had to replace my wheelbase as it could not be repaired.

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