V3 Damper vs Brake Performance Kit

Hi all,

I am new to the Fanatec family. I saw many reviews and comments on how once you have the Brake Performance kit, you no longer need the Damper for the brake pedal, which makes sense. My question is, if you have both the Brake Performance Kit and the Damper (accelerator already has a Damper on it), which would you recommend for the more realistic brake feel? It is not hard, but not the easiest to do the changes so I wanted to see what some opinions were on which was the better of the 2 since I already have both. The fact the the damper is more expensive is not my main concern for resale/return, but which would give the more realistic feel.

What I am running atm:

GT Omega Wheel stand

CSW 2.5

Clubsport BMW M3 wheel

V3 brakes

V1.5 shifter

Do GT cars mainly, haven't raced F1 before and most likely will remain with GT cars if that makes any difference.

Thank you for the advice. I didn't see this posted elsewhere, but apologies if I am asking a question already asked and I feel like it probably was, but I didn't see it in my search.


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    Hi Jeffrey,

    this is quite an individual descision, as almost everybody thinks different about what reassembles reality best.

    As far as I have experienced it, the damper produces a softer brake pedal feeling with a subjective longer pedal travel suitable for GT cars while the performance kit leads to a hard pedal with far less travel like formula cars have.

    Currently, I'm using both damper and performance kit, the latter in a soft tune, for GT races.

    Maybe that helps...

    Edit: just seen, that you're using a wheel stand, no rig.

    In this case the brake pedal might need to big forces for the wheel stand when full braking power with the performance kit is installed....

  • Thank you for your response Michael.

    I have been testing it a bit and at the moment just put both the BPK and damper on and the pedal almost doesn't move at all lol, but I can apply full braking pressure with the wheels stand I am using (the GT Omega Alpha). I used to drive GT cars on track and not having any travel is a bit odd but I kinda like it lol. I think I will end up keeping the damper and then going back to the original elastomere pieces so it is more realistic to what I am used to driving and what I will likely return to driving when time allows again. Never driven F1 before and am likely to not race F1 (maybe just to try it out) regularly).

    Thanks again.

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