CSW 2.5 - Steering wheel does not show


Just purchased a CSW 2.5 and the ClubSport Formula V2

Installed both CSW driver 328 and there after driver Beta336 for the V2 rim (have also installed every driver

available - 311, 328, 334) Nothing works - the V2 does not show up.

Trying to connect the base to PC goes ok (without the rim) I can update both base firmware and

motor firmware.

The V2 does not show up on screen. No matter if its connected to the base or not.

If I enter the Fanatec app without the rim attached, i have a red line over the CSW image.

If I then try to connect the rim, the app closes.

Upon startup of the CSW the lights/screen on the V2 does not work. Neither does the tuning button.

Any ideas - please ;O)

Regards Lars


  • Psql .Psql . Member
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    You put the base in PC mode when the wheel is attached?

    The first time you start the base (or after a firmware update) with the Formula V2 (or any other Xbox wheel) it will start in Xbox mode. Then Windows will not recognize the wheel. You can see this by that the light at the bottom of the wheel is on.

  • Hi Pasqual

    Thanks on your comment.

    I think its in PC mode.

    There is no light on the wheel - nowhere at all.

    Furthermore no buttons will respond on the wheel

    Regards Lars

  • I have that issue with my Podium Racing Wheel F1 base (the DD1 PS4 version) and the F1 wheel attached to it.

    It happened after a firmware upgrade and an hour of simracing. Suddenly the base lost the connection to the wheel. No buttons are working and driver properties show a red line over the base. I have contacted support, but none of their suggestions helped. I hope they will ask to send in the unit this coming week. I'm afraid the power to the wheel did a short-circuit and broke it. So they have warned me not to try another wheel on the base before the base has been tested in their workshop.

    Did you try another wheel on the base?

  • Hi Jacob.

    It sounds like my issues. No I have not tried another wheel on the base.

    I recieved the base, wheel and pedals on friday . Never got it to work.

    But lets see what happens ;O) If they dont bring a solution straight out of the box, I will return the lot, and stop the payment

    (mastercard). I dont pay 12.000 dkk to received defective gear.

    Regards Lars

  • So did you return it or did you find a solution? I finally had to return my base and wheel to the Fanatec workshop. They are currently looking into the issue and promissed me to make it work with the latest drivers/firmware to make sure it works with the Podium Porsche wheel rim. The support guy warned me from trying another wheel rim on the base. He was supecting that the power from the base to the wheel had short-circuited the wheel rim which could happen to another wheel of mounted.

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