Issue with CSL Elite PS4 / Gran Turismo Sport

Hello I have a technical question. About a month ago I purchased CSL Elite wheelbase (PS4) and the Xbox one universal hub. I've been playing on Xbox one with no problems. My problems arise when I went to play Gran Turismo Sport. I have no control. Nothing in compatibility or Playstation mode. I checked firmware, drivers, etc. All up to date and configured correctly. I was pretty sure this setup would work for PS, PC and Xbox. Did I make a mistake and need a PS wheel. Or is there an issue with the software either on Fanatecs or on Playstation/Gran Turismos end??

On a separate note. My shifter v1.5 is having the issue with going into reverse when I put it into 3rd. After doing my research I found that this is most likely due to a faulty hall sensor? Is there a phone # to reach. I ask because I do want it fixed before it gets worse. However I wanted to inquire if it could be exchanged for the limited edition shifter if they are still available.

Also how do I go about getting this repaired/replaced. I've found a lot of discussions on this. However nobody seems to be clear. I dont particularly want to scour the whole forum for an exact answer.

Thank you in advance.


  • Well I would like to thank everyone for the timely responses. Not! Anyways I figured it out so I'll answer the question just in case anyone else is wondering.

    Gran Turismo Sport. With the XBox One Universal Hub and CSL Elite PS4 you must put the base into Playstation 4 mode (have it connected to PS4) Then turn on console and start up GTS. After game is started turn off controller and it will work.

    Shifter issue. It was indeed the hall sensor causing problems (or whatever that circuit board is called) Theres 2 in there. 1 is insulated with electrical tape the other is not. Very carefully remove cover and unplug red and black wire to remove top completely. Undo 4 Allen screws on small board. Put piece of electrical tape on back of circuit board. Reverse process to put back together. This DOES void the warranty! Whatever problem solved in 10 minutes.

    Never found out about exchanging shifters as you can only contact Fanatec between 2-4pm (CET) which I'm not even trying to do all that.

    Fanatecs contact #s US 1 866 292 6226

    I suppose this is international. I wouldn't know because I've never called anyone internationally 0049 871 9221 122

    Other than that I still love the setup and would recommend Fanatec to others so long as they know resources are limited if you have issues/questions.

    Have a nice day.....

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