How do you connect the V3 to the DD1? USB or RJ?

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Hola guys.

So, I first had a Podium DD1 for PS4….Whit the V3 pedals and the Fanatec shifter.

Sadly I got a faulty DD1, so I had to return it. (Could not connect the pedals to the DD1)

I have now bought the DD1 whit the V2 F1 rim and enhanced paddle module, and a new set of V3 pedals.

My question is: How do you connect the pedals to the sim? Do I use the USB on both the pedals and the DD1 and connect them separately to the PC now?

Or should I connect the pedals via the RJ cable to the DD1 base and only use that singel USB to the PC?

Also have a question regarding the vibration on the V3 pedals. On my faulty set they worked fine when I tested them in the controller software, but they never worked in a game like ACC or Iracing.

How do the vibration system work? Do they need to be connected to the DD1 to work in the game?

Or is there some settings I have missed?

Hope someone here can help me out.

I want it all to work as it should now that I finally get my new DD1 and pedals this weekend.

Cheers Kenneth


  • Do NEVER connect the pedals via RJ12 and USB at the same time! This will kill your pedal pcb.

    Only use either RJ12 (preferred to gain Brf adjustment in Tuning Menu) or USB to PC.

    This is shown also in the Quick Guides in red.

  • I just moved from USB to RJ12. I'm not sure there is much difference either way, however when I had it plugged in via USB it would keep my computer from auto sleeping.

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    I have just purchased the CSL Elite Wheel (PS4) version with the V3 ClubSport Pedals and the quick guide for the pedals shows both the USB and RJ12 connectors connected. There is no warning that both should not be connected at the same time? A friend of mine has the same configuration although is using the inverted V3 ClubSport Pedals and he has both cables connected, he just unplugs the USB connection from the pedals when using with his PS4. I have only tried this kit out in PC mode and whilst the pedals are functional they are not detected by my PC and also are not available within in ACC, the only game I have tried so far. I can use them in ACC but have no way of configuring them to make any changes to braking force, for example. My friend sees the pedals when he opens the Driver Properties Page and can configure them and they also show in ACC as a separate device to his wheel. Any help would be most appreciated. Ben

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    Please have a read of the Quick Guide again.

    It's very clearly mentioned to NOT connect both at the same time, in big red letters.

    Copy/Paste after a quick look into the Quick guide:

    IMPORTANT!Use only the cables packaged with the ClubSport Pedals V3 to avoid damage to the USB and RJ12 ports. Connect the ClubSport Pedals either by USB cable OR by RJ12 cable to a wheel (base). Never connect both ways in parallel to avoid hardware damages!

    Brake force adjustment is only available if you connect the pedals to the base with RJ12 ONLY.

  • Hi Maurice, unfortunately those instructions are not on the paper QuickGuide that comes with the product? It mentions about using the supplied cables but not the obvious important bit about potential hardware damage! This also doesn't explain why my friend with an identical setup who is using both connections is not having problems and also sees both wheel and pedals as separate devices. Kind regards, Ben

  • He should immediately stop using both at the same time, this can void the warranty if sometime there is a irreparable damage to the circuit board.

  • Hi Maurice, many thanks for the update, I will let him know straight away. However, Fanatec need to review the information that it ships with it's products as this is obviously outdated based on what is online. At the time I received my delivery I did not have access to the internet so used the instructions that came with the pedals which do not state this important information. Can I use the RJ!2 to set the brake force and then switch to use USB so that I can see the pedals properly in the driver display page and within the games? Kind regards, Ben

  • No, the Brakeforce is stored in the Firmware only with RJ12 connection ,otherwise it doesnt have an effect and you have to set the Brakeforce in the driver, not in the Tuning Menu so you also cant save a specific Brf value to the Tuning Menu that way.

    There really is absolutely no need to get the pedals show in the gamecontroller panel and in the game, some games even dont support multiple USB devices so you are forced to connect them, to the base. Just connect them to the base and dont worry about anything but be happy to have Brakforce option :)

  • I have used my pedals via USB only last week, and I do have the option to adjust brake force.

    They are under "controllers" when connected to the PC, same as the DD1.

    When I press on either the pedals or the DD1 that shows up on the PC, a clusport tuning page comes on both, there you can get drivers/adjust brake force ect.

    So you dont need to be connected to RJ to do that.

    I can also test the vibration on the pedals, and they work fine….But wont work in te games.

    Is this because I need to be connected to the DD1 base? Wont vibration work via usb?

    PS: I Obv know you should never connect both cables at the same time, you will fry the RJ port asap.

    But Ben is correct, I have checked my instructions now, and it dont state to NOT connect both at the same time. Luckily I new this from before, but Im guessing a lot of ppl dont know this.

    So Fanatec really need to update the instructions to include this.

    Anyway...So I should use only the RJ when my new DD1/pedals arrive then.

    But will this solve the lack of vibration from the pedals in games? Like ACC?

    Cheers Kenneth

  • What you are describing is a different kind of brake force adjustment.

    The "real" brake force adjustment (Brf) is ONLY available when pedals are connected to the base. Only that way you have a new Tuning Menu Tab called Brf where you can adjust the Brf setting on the fly directly in game and save a specific value per car in the Tuning Menu itself.

    Vibrations also work best when connected to the base and with Fanalab running to control Telemetry based vibrations, yes.

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    Ahh I see….Thanks for the help mate.

    I will try this way, connect pedals, shifter and all to the DD1 via RJ wich should finally work when I get the new set. And hope this solves the problem whit the vibration from the pedals not working in the games.

    Cheers Kenneth

  • Ben and the rest. Below print screens from the quick guide of CSL Elite with LC

    It is mentioning CLEARLY

    1st pic: Connect the CSL Elite Pedals LC either to a Fanatec Wheel Base by RJ12 or to PC by USB but never both ways at the same time to avoid damages!

    2nd pic: Connect the CSL Elite Pedals LC to a Fanatec Wheel Base only 

    3rd pic: For detailed information please download the manual from This is just a QuickGuide and you will miss a lot of features if you don’t read the manual

    So please read the whole thing and don't look at the pics only.

    For V3

    Pic: IMPORTANT! Use only the cables packaged with the ClubSport Pedals V3 to avoid damage to the USB and RJ12 ports. Connect the ClubSport Pedals either by USB cable OR by RJ12 cable to a wheel (base). Never connect both ways in parallel to avoid hardware damages!

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    @Alexandros: It's available in the online Quick Guide but they say it's not mentioned in the printed Quick Guides and if that's true, then have a very valid point here.

  • My V3's are from 2017 and the printed quick guide is not the same as the one shown here. It only states to use the proper USB or RJ12 cables to connect them.

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    From my pedal set the actual guide inside the box. 😇😇😇

  • However, that's for CSL, NOT CSP v3 where it seems to be missing....

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    Misred what Ben wrote.

    Thought he was mentioning CSL Elite pedals but just checked again and it was his base. 😇

  • Hi Maurice

    Attached are photos of the paper quick guide I received with my ClubSport v3 Pedal, there is no referene to potential damage being caused if both USB and RJ12 connectors are used at the same time;

    There seem to be different versions of this guide being shipped with the product which is why there is such confusion around this.

    Kind regards


  • You are right bro.

    Although it is mentioning under on and off section that "Connect the Clubsport Pedals V3 to PC OR wheel base" they must have seen the confusion and this is why they changed it and made the important notice after all the issues they started facing with dead electronics modules.

  • Many thanks to you and Maurice for all your input on this matter it is most appreciated, on another matter I don't seem to be able to tag people using the @ username option but that's just a forum thing. I am currently just running with USB connected and everything is fine, well impressed with the build quality and the support I have received within the forums. Great job. Ben

  • I bought the new load cell pedal and installed it. I can't remember if I had both connected at once when I plugged it into my ps4 but I might have. If I did, is it with 100% certainty that it will ruin the USB port in the pedals? I can get the pedals to work when using the USB from the wheel base but not the pedals. Can anyone give some details on this?

  • Hey there, I just got my V3 pedals yesterday and had both connected at once for a few hours.

    I read this forum as well and realised that I may have broken everything.

    In the manual it says that there "may be" damage, not 100% at all times.

    I connected them again and they still work LUCKILY.

    But it may happen at times. Had the old QuickGuide too sadly, so i didn't realise that.

  • I have a CSL DD and V3 pedals and my Quick-sheet guide doesn't mention anything about NOT having both cables in at the same time. Consequently I've been playing a week plus with them both in. Nothing has happened so far, however, having both in is redundant as it will only recognise one route at a time.

    I disconnected the RJ and left the USB in and restarted the wheelbase and this allowed me to update the firmware to 1.32 (from 1.30). I then reverted back and restarted the power because I get the rumble if I connect direct to the wheelbase.

    Both ways allowed me to adjust the Brake Force from the Pedals Device on the Fanatec Control Panel - the RJ also allows from the Tuning Menu which the USB route doesn't.

    As to which is better, no idea. One for Firmware - one for Rumble.

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