Clubsport 2.5 problem

I posted this elsewhere, but maybe I should have placed it here to get an answer, so I'm duplicating it.

I've been using the Clubsport 2.5 wheelbase with peripherals for about 4 months, and it has performed flawlessly...until now. In the middle of playing F1 2017 a little window popped up and said a controller was disconnected. The start button on the wheelbase turned green and a small white light at the bottom of the wheel illuminated. The driver is no longer recognized in Device Manager (windows 10 PC) and in the 'game controllers' window it says 'controller.....status' and nothing else. I've changed the USB port, checked all connections, reinstalled the driver using the 'repair' option, restarted the PC 3x and the problem remains. I filled out a trouble ticket on the Fanatec website and am waiting for a response. I called the LA number +1 (866) 292-6226 and the robot said: Technical support is unavailable. Customer service is unavailable, and the mailbox is full so you can't leave a message. You can call England and talk to someone between (I get a one hour window) if you want to spend a fortune in phone charges. That person will probably be unavailable also because the loo was out of toilet paper and he had to run to the store. Oh, and thank you for contacting Fanatec. I am very upset. What kind of company is this? How does one talk to a person to correct this problem? I spent $1300 bucks on this package (which works very well...when it works) and this is the treatment I receive? I would be very grateful for any suggestions from anyone, company lawyers excepted.


  • It's in Xbox Mode.

    Google fanatec PC-mode for description on how to change it back.

  • And the silence continues, and continues, and continues. Thanks for the help, Fanatec. The Thrustmaster I had lasted 6 months before it broke. Yours barely made it to 4 and cost 3 times as much. At least they had the balls to address their problem and resolve it post haste. You seem to be lacking the required appendages for that type of decisive action or any action for that matter.

  • I know I've been dealing with "no help" from them for months now. I'm about done!!

  • oh boy this isn't what I wanted to hear I just got mine and have a problem im sure its on my end I hope but I don't know what to do and nobody's given any advise on my post either . I got to use it for two days and I tell ya its bad ass im hooked but this product seems to need a lot of communication with a sapport staff. and for the price I hope customer service is top notch like there product. ill be back and post how its going

  • My problem was finally resolved. A sheared pin in the wheel and a faulty internal connecting cable. The support tech, Chris, was helpful and courteous. The problem IMO lies at the executive level (the suits) of this company. They don't have the proper attitude required to deal with and care about customers (the ones who give them money and buy their yachts). They need a workable phone number (is an 800 number that difficult to obtain)? A 2 hour window in Germany is ridiculous, and no one ever answered the phone in LA. They need some kind of live chat like most other outfits have, and they need to RESPOND. Technically their products are great, but they need executives running the show who care about the customers instead of that inept bunch that's calling the shots now.

  • "They need a workable phone number (is an 800 number that difficult to obtain)? A 2 hour window in Germany is ridiculous".

    True. Glad to hear your issue has been resolved though.

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