DD1 Occassional jolt/clunk/snatch/jerk

New DD1 recieved yesterday.

All going well, except for the experience of single rather harsh jolts occuring seemingly randomly. Each jolt is accompanied by a loud clunk/click noise.

Not related to FEI or interpolation as those setting make no difference. But after lots of fiddling around it might be related to in-game settings. First I used the Fanatec recommended for ACC, but this is way too weak and did not use that for long. Next I set in-game to 100% and wheel to 50%. Then I would notice the jolts, maybe every two to five minutes. I did seem that if I lowered the in-game FF, the jolts either occurred a lot less frequently or not at all.

I also noticed the jolts in R3E. Again the recommended settings are just too weak, so I boosted everything relevant to 100% in-game and started to noticed the odd jolt.

Not noticed anything in iRacing yet.

Anybody else? Any feedback from Fanatec on this?



  • Are you running the new 352 or 353 drivers? If so the issue is widespread since their release, and the community is trying to figure it out. Hopefully, presumably, Fanatec is also looking into this. Head over to the beta driver forums and get reading...

    It's also - circumstantial evidence only - bricked some DD bases, including mine, and support from Fanatec has been sub standard to fix or replace broken bases, more unfortunately.

    Anyway, sorry for that black cloud, but you've still bought well, it's fantastic when it's all working.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Yes this is a known issue and currently being looked into.

  • Thanks chaps. Curiously, not a hint in iRacing so far...

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    Hey, I got it in all games. Had it 3times in 1 race on iRacing. On the straight at Monza. Have it since the start so driver 335 and further. Now on 346 still the same. Skipping 352/353 for the moment.

  • Okay, this could be just coincidence. But if I don't not have the any displays other than the "Fanatec" 'home page' (so to speak) on the OLED display, I am not experiencing any issues....????

  • Yup, not happening if I don't use any if the sub-displayes...!

  • Same Problem here with my DD1 (driver 352):

    No improvements due to changes of the FFB-settings.

    But it seems that there's no issue if you use the Fanatec "Home Page" instead of any of the ITM- or analysis-pages.

    Are there any Solutions for this Problem yet?

  • Craig LagerCraig Lager Member
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    +1 with 352. Got a 180degree input for 1 frame. Gif shows me stepping through the incident frame by frame

  • Any progress on this at all? Just had it happen again in a race where a sudden "whack" of input gets fed in (I was going in a straight line).

  • Any update on this? I have same on my DD2 with driver 381

  • I have started to notice this issue as well with my dd1. This is literally the only thread I can find on the subject.

    Can anyone please advise if there are any updates with this?

  • I’ve been having this issue since I got my DD1 in March, it’s constant and Fanatec have asked me to send them a video of when it happens. All drivers up to date, anyone figured out a fix for it yet?

  • I have the same problem randomly every few minutes. DD2 bought 03/2022, latest drivers.

    Very annoying, i worry about permanent damage. It's intensely uncomfortable.

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