ClubSport Wheel Base not shown in Fanatec Wheel Property Page

Well, I got myself a ClubSport V2.5 Wheel Base, a Formula V2 wheel, the Podium Advanced Paddle Module and the CSL Elite Pedals. I put everything together and connected it via USB with my PC and afterwards went to the shop site of the ClubSport Wheel Base and downloaded the driver "Fanatec 64bit v328". After installing it, I opened the software "Fanatec Wheel Property Page", which doesn't show my wheel base. Why?

My wheel is supplied with power and my PC receives wheel input, e.g. the XBOX button, which opens the Windows Gaming overlay, but games don't realize I have a wheel plugged in.

I would be very happy if someone could help me with this problem. Thank you.


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    How did you solve this? I'm having an issue with my V3 pedals not working through the wheel anymore and now the pedals don't show up on the property page either. The wheel base shows up but if yo click on Advanced to change settings, it either gives me a warning to reconnect it to the pc(When the pedals are plugged into the base) or it just closes the property page with nothing happening(when the pedals are connected via USB.

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    My wheel base switched itself to XBOX mode (indicated by a green circle around the start button) and I just had to switch it to PC mode (red circle). But it doesn’t sound like you are having the same issue. Maybe your cable is broken or anything else that effects connectivity.

  • Yeah, I might just hat to get a new RJ12 cable and try iy. Weird thing is that I changed the module under the pedals that the RJ12 plugs into and they worked again for about 2 daysI guess trying that cable would be the cheapest thing to try .

    Thanks for your help!

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