csl elite wheelbase plus bmw gt2 wheel violently shaking when ingame.

So i just got all my fanatec gear setup yesterday and it worked absolutely perfect. I loved it, today when i turned it on and opened iracing. it immediately violently turned all the way to the right and began again violently shaking. i cant stop it unless i either turn off iracing, (also just tried with assetto corsa same reaction) or turn off wheelbase. I think i installed the fanalab 1.23 beta and 352 driver as it told me i needed that to run fanalab. the 1.12 version didnt work when i had that. Is it the driver thats ruining it all ? :( I really wanted to play and i loved it yesterday.


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    v352 driver is for Podium bases and not recommended for other bases.

    I would go back and try the v347 driver and flash your base with the firmware of this driver. Also install Fanalab v1.12 or uninstall it and use Fanaleds to get your Led’s working.

  • fixed with going back to v347.

    Im not sure what you mean with flash my base with firmware? I just plugged it in and it ran after installing 347 is there something else i need to update ?

  • So I went to race today and my wheel is shaking like crazy and won't quit. Any suggestions

  • I've uninstalled it then reinstalled it. I'm really just lost and need help

  • Same problem here, can’t fix

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