PC2 does not take the shift down button of McLaren GT3 wheel

Hi, have a DD2, all software and drivers up to date. Use the McLaren wheel. When I changed from the Porsche rim 918 to the McL wheel, in PC2 /csw 2.5 mode) the SHIFT DOWN function does not work!!

IN the driver and in ALL other sims it works. I assume a PC2 problem.

How do I reset the steering controls in PC2, maybe delefte them even?

Or do you have another recommendation for me?


  • To reset the controls in pC2, there should be an option/button in the game to do this. You could also delete the controller config file in My Documents/Project CARS 2.

  • Hi Remco,

    thank you so much. In fact, that was the solution. Great help!

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