10 dollar CLUTCH modification for V3's to make it STIFFER and more REALISTIC feeling!

Figured Id post to maybe help some people enjoy their pedal set a bit more! Clutch feels great now.


  • So you removed the whole clutch mechanism and just added a stiffer spring to make it a generic linear pedal? I know pedal feel is subjective, but why would want to remove the unique clutch feel and not just replace the default spring with the stiffer one which is included in the package?

  • This upgrade is a big downgrade.

  • The included "stiff" spring still feels very light. The cam action of the clutch does not feel like a real clutch at all ime. No clutch I've ever felt just gives up at a certain point near the end of the pedal throw. This simple modification is intended to allow linearity. It is much easier to modulate it because it is more predictable.

    I have owned Manual transmission vehicles exclusively my entire life.

    Volkswagen Beetle

    86 honda accord

    2000 honda civic

    98 toyota tacoma

    2019 ford fiesta

    2004 subaru impreza wrx

    2006 subaru impreza wrx

    Not to mention the many vehicles I have driven that I did not own.

    None of them had a clutch feeling remotely similar to the Clubsport pedals.

    Whats more realistic isnt always as appealing marketing-wise. Most cars have power-steering and most people have never driven without power steering yet they think you need a 25nm wheelbase to experience what it feels like to drive a car intended for racing.

    Dont get me wrong, I just bought a podium wheelbase and I am looking forward to the extra headroom but It wont necessarily be realistic to the cars I drive mostly in game.

  • How so? Have you tried it yet? I wouldnt post this if it wasnt a significant improvement in how the pedal feels in relation to a real car.

  • I own a Mazda MX5 NC and the clutch does exactly that, so it wouldn't be an upgrade for me to remove the cam of the clutch.

    Ofc you don't need the peak torque of any DD base, it is more about speed, acceleration and direct FFB. DD1 Owner btw. Im only running the base at 50%.

  • Every clutch I have ever used has required increasing pressure until the diaphragm spring pressure is overcome. Opposite applies on release. This is how clutches work. You've broken yours. But if you're happy...

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    I've broken mine? Lol how do you figure?

    I think I even mentioned in the video, it is easily reversible.

    I have not damaged or broken anything.

    What cars have you driven? Maybe I can relate.

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    Well...I guess your experience has differed from mine. I currently own the 04 and 06 wrx. My 06 wrx is running a stronger than factory clutch, it's linear until the very end of the pedal travel. As I said previously, even my old worn out 2000 Honda civic clutch pedal feels noticeably stiffer than on the V3's, even with this new spring.

    You're telling me your Miata has a clutch that is comparable to the V3's regular black springs?

    I've never driven a Miata but I can guarantee the stock V3 clutch springs are nowhere the resistance of a real clutch pedal and the one I featured in my video is nowhere near it either, its definitely a step in the right direction if you ask my foot.

    If for no other reason, this simple (easily reversible) mod allows the use of a longer, stiffer spring. Considering you will most likely be hammering through the gears in a hurry, a fully pressed in clutch pedal with a quick release is par for the course.

    Also, no loss of pedal travel.

  • No Im telling you the stock clutch of my Miata has this cam feel to it. The pedals gets really easy to push at the end.

  • It's not the stiffness I'm disputing, it's the fact that every clutch has a similar feel -gradually heavier until the diaphragm is overcome - performance clutches have a heavier diaphragm spring as you noted. I won't bore you with the list of cars I have driven - I'm in the UK, been driving exclusively manual transmissions since I started driving in the early 80's. I've driven (with a clutch) almost every day for almost 40 years. Why didn't you just put a heavier spring in and keep the cam - I could see how that would be an improvement. What you have done is ruin any similarity to the feel of a clutch. It also doesn't actually seem to be a much heavier spring judging by the ease you are pushing it. And BTW - I'm sure your spring is bottoming out - pedal normally goes further back than that.

  • This spring feels much heavier than the packaged-in springs. I can see the spring is not fully compressed when it hits the stop, it may have something to do with removing the cam action. I could very well be wrong but from my testing it appeared that way.

    Heres what Ill say, I mainly drive Subaru Impreza WRX's in every racing game I can, as I am in love with them and I have been since I was a kid. Im 32 now and I own 2 second generation WRX's.

    The clutch pedal on the V3 set feels very easy to manipulate with the red and black springs...even with the heavier spring currently mounted. I searched all over at many hardware stores and I was not able to find a perfect spring. The only one I found that was a confirmed fit (although not advertised as compatible) was the one I bought and showed in the video.

    The V3's feel MUCH more realistic now and I think if you would try them in person, you would agree. The cam action might be realistic in concept but it just feels very exaggerated and more like an on/off switch imo. I know what you are saying about being able to feel the when the clutch is not engaged but Its nothing like how the V3's feel.

    The video is intended for the small group of people (like myself) that werent happy with the clutch feel. The whole kit is MILES better than anything Thrustmaster or Logitech makes but I was looking to get as close to my real cars as possible and that super weak clutch pedal just wasnt cutting it.

    Im sure there is a more suitable spring out there that would stiffen up the clutch pedal and retain the cam action but I searched online and in person for about a week and couldnt find anything better. I even searched some spring warehouses and they seemed to only want to do large orders.

    For 10 dollars its worth a try and is very easy to reverse if the end user doesnt like it. Just trying to help people get the most out of their 300+ dollar pedal set. :)

  • has anyone managed to replace the spring for a heavier feel and keep the cam feeling a throw distance..?

  • I would like to know as well! I am still on the hunt for a stronger spring either for the cam in place or without.

  • I know this is an old thread, but I really want to try this mod. Too bad the seller won't ship to the US.

  • Just did that mod, and the kindergarden clutch you get out of the box now is so much stiffer and more realistic.

    I can only recommend to go hunting for a spring like the one mentionned in the OP's video.

    Well done, Douglas !!!

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