DD1 settings lost?


ive spent the past month dialing in my settings on my DD1, I had the absolutely perfect for myself and went to play F1 last night (14/1) and the settings were absolute garbage. I couldn’t even play and had to turn it all off as it frustrated me soo much. Has anyone else had similar problems where they’re DD1 has just felt rubbish for no apparent reason?

i know there was a new windows update yesterday but I never updated mine. I also unplugged the wheel and restarted it but same issue??

running v352..

can’t wait until Fanatec can make these wheel bases 100% reliable. It’s been a nightmare trying to work with this wheel base.


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    Did you updated your wheel base firmware in the meantime? The settings will always be restored to default after a firmware update. Otherwise it's not possible that it is losing its settings if you didn't pressed the tuning menu for 10 seconds.

    Also after a big windows update always make sure to re-install your Fanatec driver.

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