Fanatec 2.5 base and BMW M3 GT2 wheel

I use the subject equipment for use in iRacing over the last month and everything works most of the time, but not always. I went to start up my workstation today and it would not properly recognize the wheel. Sometimes the wheel will show nothing on the LED display and more recently not even show that it is in neutral, and sometimes if it does show the ‘N’ to indicate it is in neutral but regardless of it’s status it will never shift into any gear other than neutral. As a result I cannot use my iRacing simulator at all. When the wheel was functioning a bit better it would show the gear it was in but it never showed the speed. This wheel is listed as it’s supposed to show both the gear and the speed. How is that supposed to be corrected? The only change which occurred was that a program called Trading Paints had been installed. I uninstalled that application, rebooted multiple times, even powering on the base and the wheel before and after Windows was up and running, but regardless of the order I never got it to function again properly. Previously I have even had to switch the USB port that the base is connected to in order to get it working, but that didn’t correct the issue this time as this now appears to be a more serious issue. I have also downloaded the documentation for both the base and the wheel to review with no positive results. Something, either the wheel or the base, or both, are not functioning properly. Sometimes the calibration in the iRacing application of the wheel was a little tricky but I always got it to work. But now it will calibrate to recognize that the wheel is turning, but as far as getting into gear, it will not do anything at all. I checked the Fanatec driver and all seemed to be okay except it appears that it was configured for Windows 7 SP2, and not Windows 10 which is what I’m running. The latest version of Windows that it has an entry for is Windows 8! Does the BMW wheel and/or the base not support Windows 10 as there is no option to select that version, and if it does why is there no entry for that OS version?


  • Fanatec drivers are only available for Windows 10 actually, no Windows 7 or 8 support anymore.

  • Yes, I had heard that Windows 7 support was dropped only in the last month or two. The Fanatec driver program still lists older versions of Windows and has not been updated to reflect the versions of Windows which are currently supported. But that is neither here nor there as I am totally unable to use their equipment at this point which I have invested a significant amount of money on and it appears I will have to direct this issue specifically with Fanatec support.

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