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Dominick if you can read this - still have not had a resolution from my lost package. You originally responded to a post I made on August 4th. I was contacted august 5 by a Sabrina. I explained my situation to her again and now two weeks later I receive one of those "your message was incorrectly routed" emails. I responded just now but if there is any way you can help to get this resolved I would very much appreciate. It has now been three weeks since I originally reached out. Fedex lost the package. It needs replaced. This should not be as difficult as it has been. My name is Ian Ivancic and my order number is 1106411. As I sit here and type this post I just got ANOTHER one of the "incorrectly routed" emails. I have no way of knowing if this is in response to the email I literally just sent, or a previous one. Please help.


  • Dominic - I replied to the second "incorrectly routed" email I received just to be safe. Almost immediately I received another. So it would appear that as soon as I send the email I am being given that response. There is literally nothing else that I can do but to message the forum.

  • I was showing November 29 shipping date on my US order placed way back in October and the date has stayed 11/29 with ABSOLUTELY no contact e mails from Fanatec since my order confirmation e mail. I’ve been reading Forums and folks are saying they have been in toucch with Fanatec and that the 11/29 date was sticking and some may even get their csl DD early so I’ve been thinking it’s all GOOD. I still hadn’t seen an e mail or ANYTHING so out of an abundance of caution I submitted to Fanatec shop asking when it would ship in case it may come early. Got an e mail back Monday with a form letter they send out to us ci-us to Mets apologizing for the lack of updates and the standard COVID supply chain verbiage which I do understand is out of their control, but what is IN their control is communication with the customer as they hold my credit card hostage due all of their lawyer talk on cancellations , etc. basically the e mail said sorry, we know less than you do mr customer and keep your fingers crossed but nothing past that. So last night I get an e mail telling me my order is not shipping November 29 but rather now is January 3 and I find it awfully suspicious that I reminded them that I exist (Mr. Customer REMEMBER ME}with my question to them and then a day later I get this garbage. Has anyone else with an 11/29 date received the same news or is this way of Fanatec telling me that if I dare ask where my order is, that I get 40 lashings and sent to the dungeon. Unbelievable, I am an executive myself in a large corporation that sells things and I am appalled by the way they are handling things and I’m not the only one. It’s bad enough we are all dealing with the COVID impact to global supply chain, but to respond to “Hang in there as it should be soon” and then when I HAVE TO INQUIRE a where it stands , they conveniently push my order back, if it’s a coincidence that that was coming anyway it certainly makes me wonder if some e moloyee is playing god with our orders. I can assure you my e mail was 100% professional and courteous and not like what I’m writing now because I was simply asking for an update with the assumption that everything was on track. Who just realizes 5 days before an order iss to be shipped that the Boat from China isn’t coming. Give me a break. I thought about getting the F1 DD1 rather than wait for this order but don’t want them sticking me with both due their rigid cancellation policy that doesn’t even show up when you hit button on the site. If currently says the PS DD1 F1 is available 11/29 as well. What do you think I should do, put another $1900 on my credit card or have the item say 11/29 only to get an e mail on 12/10 that it’s not coming until December of 2023. Disappointed is Ann Understatement. I am lucky to have PS5 after months of trying and only ordered the CSL DD as I considered having to buy a gaming computer if the PS DD pro was an optical illusion and then they launch it saying get on the site on Black Friday and just order yourself one, real easy huh, as the site will melt 1 minute into like last year and I’m not a computer genius that knows how to buy 5 at once with some software and then sell on e bay for 5 times what it’s worth. Should have done that a month ago but let me see, Cancellation process posts on this forum tell me that’s a Kluster as well. Thanks Fanatec

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