Podum Advanced Paddle Module - anyone know if Fanatec has plans to upgrade it to 3mm carbon paddles?

The header says it all, really (-:

I see that the Clubsport Magnetic Paddles have 3mm carbon and it would trigger a purchase from me if the Podium Advanced Module went up from 2 to 3mm too. Anyone here heard anything?



  • I have seen reports on Reddit that new APMs already have 3mm plates, but not every unit. Seems you need a bit of luck to get the thicker version..

  • I've seen the same, I just had a set I sent back for a different issue, and really wish I would have measured them.

    The set I had before had no flex and I remember thinking "whats all the fuss about, these things are great!"

    Does seem like the kind of thing you could request from service if necessary.

  • Thanks very much for the replies, both of you!

    I've worked with carbon fibre on and off for years and 2mm is just a bit optimistic - the stuff is incredibly tough, but it is brittle, and if you build it too thin even a tiny imperfection, or a scratch can cause it to fail.

    3mm provides enough extra margin of safety to be confident of the paddles, but I am sure that 2mm is mostly okay.

    So, I will see how I get on with requesting a unit with 3mm paddles!



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