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I'm facing issues with my DD1 and RaceRoom which never worked properly. The main issue is that the FFB never worked on this game, it works fine with AC, ACC between others but nothing with RaceRoom.

I tried to setup the recommended setups in this forum in the wheel and in the game as wheel, also, after change from my old logitech g920 and I started with the fanatec as soon as I start on track the FFB it's 0 and the game starts to show image and audio like "jumping" and it couldn't be related to the PC performance because it's so powerful.

So it's like something is wrong there between fanatec hardware and raceroom, I tried to uninstall the game as well and install again with the same result.

Please help.

Wheel base: Fanatec DD1

Wheel: Clubsport Steering wheel universal hub

Currently I'm using the driver version: 365

Last fanalab: 1.47

Last firmware

Thanks in advance

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  • First: do not use driver 365 when you have a Universal Hub because it's completely broken with that driver. Use driver 373 or the older 356, 352 or 346.

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    Hi Maurice,

    Thanks, I will try but I don't expect that this will fix the issue, I tried in the past an older version (previous beta I don't remember version right now) and didn't work as well.

    I installed the 373 last week but I was not able in any case to make it work it shown me an error when I tried to open the fanatec software, I re-installed like 5 times, changed the usb connection, restarted the pc like 10 and nothing, I get just one chance and I used to upgrade the firm, never worked again, then I tried with the 365, worked a couple of times and then same error again.

    It's so weird and frustrating.

  • Hi all,

    I uninstalled the driver and fanalab, then I restarted the computer and changed the usb.

    Later I installed as suggested the driver 373, restart again, change again the usb (because shows me an error again).

    Then I finally being able to open the fanatec setup, and I updated the firmware of the motor as the fanatec tool suggested, then calibration, and finally I tested with RaceRoom and it's working fine!

    I still not instaled the fanalab, but I guess that this could be against the initial issue, and makes sense because at some point it collects the data from RR and could add this delay that I faced since the beginning, also the issues with FFB and so one as fanalab it's trying to manage dinamically as well.

    At this point I will wait a while to install the fanalab and I will test all properly.

    As I said, thanks!!

  • Hola!. Aprovecho este post para comentar que me pasa exactamente lo mismo pero con ACC. He cambiado de USB. Reinicado varias veces de diferentes formas y no consigo hacer que funciones ffb. Sin embargo los motores de los pedales si funcionan. Alguien puede ayudarme?? Muchisimas gracias!!.

    DD1 ps4


  • Ups!!!. Sorry!!

    Hello!. I take this post to comment that exactly the same thing happens to me but with ACC. I have switched from USB. Rebooted several times in different ways and can't get ffb functions. However, the pedal motors do work. Can anybody help me ?? Many thanks !!.

  • As I mentioned in the recommended settings thread, I tried the FanaLab profile and the recommended settings with my DD1 and it's AWFUL. Just no feeling in anything, other than when you get hit, at which point it rips the wheel from your hands!

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    The in-game settings (ALL OF THEM) play a hudge role on how the FFB and feeling will be. Especially after the December 2019 game update.

    Spent countless hours reading through the game forum to manage and understand the physics and the settings.

  • Then the recommended settings should be updated. Right now this game is plainly dangerous with the DD. If you follow the advice in the forum-post you posted and tweak the steering force intensity (which supposedly is the only thing you should change in the beginning) you have to crank it up way up to the maximum before you start feeling something while driving, But then if you hit a wall or another car the Forces are so strong you could really hurt yourself.

    I expect the recommended settings to at least to work and not be dangerous. I don't want to tweak the in-game and driver settings for hours, that's why I bought a Fanatec wheel instead of an OSW, And besides after my unpleasant experience with a wall today I am just plain scared of hurting myself while trying to find decent enough settings.

    But I actually think that there is a deeper problem with the combination of Raceroom with the Podium DD. That weakness in the FFB (but only the steering, the rest ist on a normal level) when using the recommended settings is not normal. I had to put the overall FFB to 70 % and the rest of the settings (Steering Force intensity and steering rack) to the absolute maximum in order to get the same steering FFB that I get in ACC just with the recommended settings. Something is really wrong here.

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    The second profile that already exists in the game as DD1 something (cant remember exactly) is actually the profile and in-game settings used by Alex (who is the developer and uses a DD1. It will show missing at one point because of the key assignments, cause he is using a different wheel (well from me anyway) or if you are lucky might be using the same to yours.

    I am used that one in game (so far been driving only WTCR) . Will let you know the exact in the evening when finished from work.

    So in my DD1 my settings are


    FFB: 100

    LIN: OFF

    NDP: 15

    NFR: 2

    NIN: 2

    INT: 3

    FEI: 100

    FOR: 100

    SPR: 100

    DPR: 100

    BLI: 85 (OR USER PREF)

    SHO: 100



    BRF: 70 (OR USER PREF)

    The thing with tweaking all the time in-game setting and wheel setting is because each and every game developer is applying his own model and understanding of physics. So if you want to play in many titles using different cars etc, tweaking is the only way to go from what I have understood in my very short time in the "sim" stuff. Which by the way... Comparing SIMS with the REAL THING you will NEVER EVER get the same. Unless you use the professional stuff teams are using and still not 100%. 😏

  • I'll give that a try, thank you!

  • Okay, tried it out, feels again good! Thank you!

    The official recommodation settings really should be updated, the in-game settings of this "Alternative" Profile are completely different!

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    those are my in-game. But driving only TCR so far. Not sure how it will for other cars.

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