No Order Confirmation

I just placed an order for a CSL elite with wheels, pedals, etc. I used PayPal as my payment. It redirected me and processed the payment through PayPal. After that when it was supposed to redirect me back to fanatec it just left me with a blank browser page. I checked my account and the money has already been taken out. I don’t have any orders in my account on Fanatec, and the items are still in my cart. This was an almost $1300 order. With the customer service stories I hear on here, I’m a little worried. Any idea what to do? The fact that my order is still in my cart and the money is already out of my account is what worries me the most. Thanks in advance.


  • Just an update attempted to call, the voicemail box is full. Attempted to contact via email through the site form and was told 3 times my token had expired.

  • Ended up just filing a dispute through PayPal. Got an email from Fanatec and PayPal this morning with my refund. Got my order placed successfully the second time.

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