Money was taken, no email or order on account

I placed an order Friday evening for over 970 dollars, my card was charged and I haven’t received an email confirmation and it doesn’t show a pending order on my fanatec account. This is very concerning, I tried calling multiple times today and it sent me to voicemail (which of course was full). I sent an email and received a response saying that it would take up to 7 days for a response. This is absurd and isn’t acceptable. I need someone to contact me quickly to resolve my issue.


  • Same. Ordered Monday and nothing as well. Account charged, status says "Order not yet processed".

  • Same, order on the 11/8 with bank transfer payment. No email confirmation or update. My order status still says "The order is in process".

  • So, got an email from Sales today. They cancelled my email due to a "Technical Issue" on the site during the ordering process. Sent a response email asking if they'd help me figure out another solution and haven't heard back. Frustrating first experience.

  • Update: Received my order today.

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