Assetto Corsa with v3 Inverted Pedals

I'm new to racing sim and just picked up my DD2, podium wheel, v3 inverted pedals, and clubspot sq shifter. im currently running assetto corsa in practice mode. im new to clutch driving, so the cars i select are automatic. on the inverted pedals, gas/throttle seems to be middle pedal and break seems to be right pedal. is that normal??


  • Clutch on the left, Brake in the middle, gas on the right. This is the global standard for cars. In Assetto Corsa when you are in a Race, the 5 timer lights display on the screen one at a time. When the lights disappear, you have to manually shift into first. If the car is a auto/manual you shift via the shifter padles, no clutch necessary. If the car is manual, you have to hold in the clutch and put the shifter into first gear. If the Shifter is in Sequential mode, you pull back to upshift. In Manual mode, if you have never driven a clutch in real life, I'd suggest the first time, just press the gas all the way, and slowly let out the clutch. With practice, you will be able to apply the appropriate amount of gas vs clutch for a smooth takeoff.

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