wrc 9 official ffb setting fanatec csl

Hi as in the title im looking for setting help for the new wrc 9 title, im really struggling to get a good setting and as this is supported by fanatec there really needs to be some official support on here , im using a csl elite on xbox one x ,any help is appreciated.


  • Game isnt officially released yet.

    I am sure sometime in the future Fanatec will post recommended settings but judging from the fact that they dont even posted them for F1 2020 I would say this is more a topic for 2021 and nothing to come soon.

  • Well I have been playing the game all day so it is out ,but you would of thought they would have setting ready to put up since they are official sponsors of the game with there name on bill board's on every rally stage in game and special settings just for fanatec users in the menus,but i agree it's early days yet so here's hoping they sort this out for us, cheers Antony

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