Getting through PC menus with the Xbox One hub?

Just upgraded from Logitech G920 to a CSW 2.5 setup with a Xbox One hub. Taking a bit to get used to overall. Just did a good 2+ hours of racing on it. My only issue I had is that none of the buttons on the wheel would help me get through the menus like I could with my Logitech. The only buttons that would work are the ones I programmed in while racing. I am wondering if there is a way to use the buttons on the wheel to get though menus. Thanks


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Are you referring to the menu navigation within the Forza game? Don't believe Forza allows you to map the menu tabbing. Telemetry pages can be mapped.

  • Yup! Me too. With my Logitech I was able to work through the menus with the wheel. Now that I upgraded to the CSL Elite I am having to use a keyboard. Not too impressed with that.......

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