DD1 Base is no longer recognized after changing to Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R

I have the following problem: I am using a Fanatec Base DD1 (PS4) with the V2 steering wheel on the PC in PC mode. Base and steering wheel were recognized by the game. Now I have bought the "Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R". When I have this steering wheel on the base and start the game, the entire base is no longer recognized by the game. If I start the game with the V2 steering wheel connected and then switch to the Porsche steering wheel, there is no failure of the base. Only the problem that there is a different key assignment. Why is the whole base no longer recognized when I start the game with the Porsche steering wheel connected? Does anyone know the problem or does someone have a solution for me, thanks.


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    Have you loaded the correct profile for the other steering wheel? RR is a bit buggy like that and that you either have to restart the game, load a saved profile for the wheel or map a new profile if you haven't already done so. It will not auto load when swapping a wheel.

  • Hello Joseph, thank you for your answer. So I start R3R with the DD1 and the Posche steering wheel. In R3R I should then create a new profile. Yes, I want that too. But R3R is of the opinion that there is no DD1.

  • Found a solution yet?

  • Yes I have. I started R3R with the F1 steering wheel (there was a profile), then removed the F1 steering wheel and put the Porsche steering wheel on. Then I created a new profile because the DD1 was recognized together with the F1 steering wheel. So I was able to solve the problem.

  • If you have saved a profile and then change the wheel you need to create a new profile and assign the new buttons.

    that happens because it had already stored your old setting and shows assined buttons as disconnected.

    At least this one worked for me.

    spent 3 days until I find the solution and reading almost any forum for this game. 😇

  • I felt the same way

  • I have to run my DD1 in CSW2.5 compatibility mode in R3E.

  • If you can't get your DD1 to work in R3E in PC mode take your wheel rim off the base and start R3E. This will load the default DD1 profile - you can then add your wheel rim and configure all of the buttons etc., then save it as a new profile. This fixes the need to run the DD1 in CSW2.5 compatibility too.

    It is because as Alexandros said, with the wheel rim connected it bugs out the game when key assignments are showing as disconnected.

  • I also have this issue with DD1 not being recognized when using the Podium Hub -- and the workaround to start game without wheel attached works but it's really annoying since I have to load the game that way every time.

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