Order in process for over a week

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My order has been in process for over a week now. Order #1133133. I've emailed the webshop a couple times, and have been lucky enough to get my shipping info on Aug 31. But nothing seems to be happening with my order. It's still says "order has been processed" on the Fanatec website, and USPS tracking has said "pre delivery" for 3 days now. I'm about a day from doing a charge back on my credit card, and ordering from another company. I'm in Canada, so on top of waiting for Fanatec to get it together and ship, I still have to wait for customs and Canada Post. It also seems pretty ridiculous that they would start the warranty period, then wait this long to ship. I've read posts from people in Canada that have waited 3 months to get their order, so really they are only getting 9 months of warranty. This is not acceptable. My only hope is Dominic shows up here and can shed some light on what's really happening with my order.

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  • With all due respect and as someone who works in the financial institution world filing a chargeback for a week or delivery oddness is bad idea. It is 1 abuse of the system and when they send the docs to the merchant of record even though they will likely lose if they contest it (merchants almost always lose) it will be noted at your issuer and if they think you are abusing your CB rights that could be a problem down the road.

    UPS is awful at updating their records I just checked and even though I am scheduled to get my gear tomorrow it still says in process on the Fanatec site and I guess in a way that is true. If they charged your card, it should have shipped as they aren't supposed to put through the debit until it is out of their hands.

    Have you called USPS? Sounds like it is an issue with them

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