Firmware csw 2.5 on xbox one

hi everyone i would like to know which firmware i have to install to use a csw 2.5 base on xbox one ... thanks


  • Normally, any firmware will work, especially the pre-installed firmware and the firmware included in the official release driver on the product web page on the Fanatec site. If you find you have issues with wheel functionality then you'll have to dig into the beta drivers thread ( to see if there's a driver or separate firmware version that solves your issue.

    Hopefully other XBox owners will chiume in here, especially if you experience certain issues that may be firmware-related.

  • hi thanks a lot for the answer ... but my question is more specific: when my csw 2.5 arrives at home do i have to download any updates? if and what firmware do i have to download in order to play my xbox one x? 32 bit? 64 bit? thank you so much for your support🙋‍♀️

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