DD2 wheel only 2 years of warranty?

I know, I just opened a discussion 15 minutes ago about the old P1 wheel having issues with my recently purchased DD2, however as I browsed through my profile, I noticed that in the support section it says, that the warranty of my DD2 (purchased about 2 weeks ago) is going to expire in 2022?

It left me kind of confused, as it clearly states that the DD2 comes with a 5 year limited warranty on the product page as well as in the "Features" documentation.

How come it doesn't show up like that in my order history?


  • Probably just a bug or it is shown wrong in your order history. You have your invoice and Fanatec knows they have given you and others 5 years on your DD2 :)

  • Yep, you're right. I've been a little surprised seeing that date and just wanted to be on the safe side.

    Fanatec Customer Support also told me it's nothing but a display bug and should eventually get fixed.

    Thanks again - Thread can be closed.

  • Thread can be closed when it's fixed. I reported this in December. I can't imagine why a display bug takes longer than a few days to rectify.

  • Still ongoing by the way, for my order on Black Friday '19

    Opened a Ticket earlier today, let's see where it goes. :)

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