Bundle Wishes

Thought I'd raise a topic for customers to give feedback about bundle wishes.

Looking through the bundles page I was wondering if there was an option to go;

1 x CSL Elite PS4 Starter Kit with CSL Elite Pedals LC instead of the 2 pedal setup

1 x ClubSport Lenkrad Formula V2 wheel

This should give you a setup for 3 platforms (PC, XBOne, PS4). Two wheels to play single seater games and rally games. A recommended pricing of $1,699.00 AUD - would that sound reasonable?

Anyone considering Fanatec is not your typical first time sim enthusiast, so having LC in the pedals would be a welcome jump from the Logitec stuff.

ClubSport Lenkrad Formula V2 wheel is awesome but not ideal for rally games and is the only F1 wheel that supports all 3 platforms.


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