DD2 fan runs at 100% (4000 rpm)

After 5 days of trouble-free use of my DD2, from one day to the next the fan suddenly runs at 100% (4000 rpm) when the base is switched on or at the latest 1 minute later. The temperature sensors show between 23°C and 29°C. I had installed 64-bit driver version 3.56 (firmware v670, motor v38) from the beginning on my Win 10 64-bit system.

I went back to driver version 3.52 and then to 3.35, which didn't change the fan's behavior (I also always downgraded to firmware and motor firmware).

But this did not change the fan behavior.

Then upgraded back to driver version 3.52 and flashed firmware to v669 and motor firmware to v38. After updating the motor firmware the fan was initially quiet again.

I tried the following directly after the update to 3.52 (always without mounted steering wheel):

1.) Base off & on = fan ok

2.) Base off & Windows restart & Base on = fan is very briefly started up to 4000 rpm and then off again. I left the Base on and about 1 minute later the fan was back to 100%.

3.) Base off & on = fan ok (no short start-up). Base left on and approx. 1 minute later fan back to 100%.

I repeated the whole thing five times and I was able to reproduce 2) and 3) again and again.

The new update to driver 3.56 did not bring any changes either.

What is the problem? Is the fan sensor defective? Or is it a motor firmware issue?


  • I had the exact same issue with my DD1 PS4 amongst also having issues with force feedback. This was after doing the same firmware upgrade, then downgrade and upgrading again. Eventually it was sent back to Fanatec on an RMA for repairs. They were unable to repair it and sent me a new base. I am not doing any firmware upgrades before they can deliver a stabile driver and firmware. So unfortunately I have a Porsche Podium wheel with PBME, that I can't use while only using the v347 driver that the new base came with, from the Fanatec workshop.

  • Sy TranSy Tran Member

    i have exactly the same problem.

    have you found a fix for this?

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