Dd2 xbox settings

Hi all, so i got my dd2 last week and its a great wheel, but im struggling to get the full 900 degrees of rotation on forza 7 or horizon 4. In fact most games! I mean the wheel itself turns the full amount but im getting full lock with half a turn either way. Ive checked the base settings and tried auto, 1080 and 900 for sensitivity, doesn’t make any difference. Tried the in game at 900, and a few less but its just even worse then. Any ideas why this might be happening?


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    When you say you are getting full lock with half a turn are you referring to the in game animation? If so don’t reference that’s as it will not match actual DoR. Set the wheel to 900 along with Forza native 900. You can also verify the per car steering settings in the tuning menu to make sure it is at 100. I use Simulation steering since the last update as it has improved otherwise stick to Normal if you prefer.

  • I ignore the in game wheel, makes no difference. I just mean if i turn my dd2 half a turn either way, full lock in the game is achieved. Its bloody annoying! Im on simulation steering and ive also checked the car specific steering is at 100. Its ju

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