Failed DD2 - Any advice?


Hoping someone may have some advice for me.

Received my DD2 on thursday, intsalled 352 driver / firmware. Everything working fine thursday and friday. Tried using it on saturday and my rim isnt showing in Fanalabs or the Wheel properties.

Tried 2 different rims, neither show up or show any signs of getting power.

Rotating rims when connected, the base feels EXTREMELY notchy.

I have tried dropping firmware versions all the way down to 346. Still nothing.

The fans are currently running at 100%, i am also completely unable to upgrade or downgrade the motor firmware. Whenever i try to do so the application just closes. I have tried this from 2 windows 10 machines.

On some driver versions i see the motor FW is version 30, on others it shows as just 0.

I have opened a support case but id really like to get this unit working rather than having to RMA a £1500 device within 3 days of having it.



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