CSW V2.5 loses FFB mid race and then regains it

My wheel has just started doing this.

Mid race (can be after just 1 lap or anytime after) I will lose FFB and shifters (wheel still steers ok)

Then it will return after a couple of seconds then go again a few seconds layer - this can happen randomly at any time.

Running V356 with a carbon formula wheel.

One time i got an error message on screen saying fanalabs had crashed so i closed it but the fault remained?

Any ideas?


  • JMJM Member

    I have the exact same problem!

  • Hi, i have the same issue with v2.0. It loses the FFB and then i cannot shift for a while. But i´m using drivers 328 and firmware 627. I think they are the latest for the 2.0.

    It had also this problem with the fan starting at 100% when you start the wheel, and then it stop after 10 minutes. But it will not work when the wheel has been working for a long time and it is supposed to be really hot.

    So, anyone has any idea? I sent a message to the support team, but not answer yet.

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