DD2 Violently Vibrating on start up

Hey all,

My DD2 was working fine for the past few months, then suddenly today when joining a session in iracing, it started to vibrate furiously back and forth. I had to emergency stop the wheel and when I turn it on it either rotates like 15 rotations in 2 seconds, then doesnt get recognized (have to unplug it to turn it off), or violently vibrates turning in a counter-clockwise rotation. This happens whether or not it is connected to the computer and I have tried flashing the base and motor, and recalibrating the motor, but during that it does the violent vibrating. I am running out of ideas here and wondering if anyone has had this issue before.

I havent updated and drivers or firmware recently either, still going off of the ones from January


  • Now the motor firmware wont do anything, clicking update (tried on multiple drivers) results in nothing happening. It will usually report version 0, however sometimes it says version 30.

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