Csl elite ps4 gt sport wheel behaviour

Hi all.

Last week I finally got my first fanatec wheel (csl elite ps4) and it is amazing piece of kit.

However I noticed something weird only when playing gt sport.

When driving through succession of corners (mainly right than left), when I'm coming out of the right corner and turning my wheel left, the moment wheel straightens and starts turning left, I get a little clunk noise and single jolt coming from the wheelbase through the shaft.

I'm no expert but it feels like in that moment when the wheel is straight between the turns, belt inside becomes tiny bit loose. Than when it engages again I can hear clunk noise and tiniest single jolt in the wheel.

When I continue turning, wheel stays tight as expected. It only happens in "S" type corners and chicanes.

While it isn't game breaking experience its annoying enough especially that I can only notice it in gt sport.

Any ideas/solutions?




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