Before you invest in any Fanatec product.......................


My experience:

Bought a CSR Elite (Forza branded) and CSR pedals and a shifter a few years ago to play Iracing on the PC and Forza 4 on the Xbox 360.

Remember this is the Forza branded one.

You know the one for people who like Forza.

Products worked great and I didin't even mind when the shifter snapped in half at the 7 month mark.

But here is the kicker...................

My wheel has been officially labeled BY FANATEC (the manufacturer) as INCOMPATIBLE with Forza 5.



and like you didn't know this when you sold it.

Not quite FRAUD but either shady as hell or simply inept.


so if you are going to buy a Fanatec product I suggest you ask them if they have any plans to support YOUR wheel or simply stop giving a **** after you buy it.

good luck with YOUR INVESTMENT

Or I can drop 600 pounds and get the NEW STARTER KIT




CSL Elite PS4™ Starter Kit

€569.95 * €599.90 (You save €30.00)

incl. VAT

plus shipping costs

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  • Yeah, because it is in Fanatec's hand if Microsoft decides to implement a new chip for compatibility with racing wheels for the next console as Forza 5 is for Xbox One and not the 360.

    It is not if the wheel manufacturer will make your wheel ready for next gen, more like if the console company will make them compatible.

    Just take an example in all the PS3 wheels which couldn't be used with PS4.

    I'd suggest, before ranting you could get help here in the forums as there might be people who have had a similar problem and solved it!

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    It is in no way under Fanatec control, how Microsoft or Sony for that matter support hardware from one generation to the next. They do work together as much as possible and you can see that Fanatec products have been supported in the last two generations. Microsoft has stated that this gen hardware will also be supported in Series X but again that is a decision Microsoft and only Microsoft will make.

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  • Why don't you just get a newer version of forza? 7 is less than a tenner. Seems a much better alternative than buying a whole new setup to play an older game?

  • Forgive my foul language. I cannot seem to edit it perhaps a mod can ********* it out

    Sascha and Joseph : the "don't blame us its Microsoft's fault" is the same rhetoric Fanatec spouts.

    Anyone with an MBA in the house besides me?

    It is a Forza branded wheel. There is licencing involved and there was a partnership between MS and Fanatec or this product would not exist. You are suggesting there were never any forward path discussions between the two partners about the future of such an established and perennial brand like FORZA. That is so ludicrous I am gobsmacked.

    James: This wheel is not supported beyond Forza 4 and the original Forza Horizon on last gen consoles.

    Buying a new game is not going to change this. Period. Tenner or not.

    At least I have Iracing.

  • Yes it is a Forza branded wheel, but do you know how long the licensing went for exactly this partnership and wheel? No.

    I agree, that it is shame console makers and wheel manufactures can't seem to get on the same train, making higher investments in e.g. your CSR Elite Wheelbase last longer.

    But in the end we, the consumer, loose here, because you probably bought the XBOX One (Microsoft wins) and now you would be forced to buy a new wheel (again Microsoft wins for new licensing + wheel manufactures sell their newer stuff).

    That's why I made the move from PS to PC. If you buy a wheel now, you can use it in 10 years without a problem as I did with my Logitech G25.

  • Thank-you Sascha,

    Drive-Hub looks very promising!

  • Well my dd2 works fine with forza 7 and horizon 4. Have you tried to play the game and it doesnt work? The dd2 isnt listed as compatible with forza 7 or horizon 4 but it works. I get your frustrated and I wouldn’t have a clue if your wheel works with the games im suggesting but all i can tell you is the dd2 works fine despite not being listed as compatible. Im guessing your setup doesnt have the xbox universal hub? That could be the missing link.

  • I think you misunderstand the problem Greg has. He owns the CSR Elite Wheelbase, launched by Fanatec before the first original CSW. This wheel is Forza branded and is compatible with PC and Xbox 360. Other than the Addon Formula Rim for that Wheelbase there aren't any other options.

    It doesn't have the QR we know from Fanatec today. He can't use any of the current wheel rim offers, so he has to go the third party root either using the Drive Hub or the device which connects the wheel with your console by having both sides connected to the PC (I forgot the name of it, shame on me :P)

  • Got you, thats a killer! Im really hoping the xbox hub at the moment is compatible with the new xbox when its released later in the year. Im hoping worst case scenario is ill need a new xbox hub from fanatec. Modular design is definitely a lot better than all in one. Sorry about your wheel Greg!

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Microsoft has already confirmed that Xbox One controllers will continue to work on the next generation Xbox. We have been adjusting all of our Xbox One-related product pages to reflect this.

  • Yeah I disagree too.

    I don't think you can expect a product to work will all future products just because it has a marketing badge on it.

    Plenty of other examples out there of this.


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