Looking for Purchasing Feedback

I am considering purchasing an Fanatec Wheel and Pedals. I am coming from an ECCI 6600 GTS wheel and pedal set. I primarily use iracing and ACC. I used to be pretty competitive in iracing but really don't have the time to dedicate to perform at that level anymore but would still like a decent wheel that feels authentic. I am considering two alternatives

DD1 Podium with R300 Podium Steering Wheel and V3 inverted pedals

  • This will be installed into a custom built cockpit constructed from 3/4" plywood and bolted thru it. Will this be sufficient enough structure for it. Also I assume I will likely need to put some rubber matting in between to dampen it

CS 2.5 BMW with V3 inverted pedals


1) Is the DD1 that much better to warrant the extra cost. I do realize this is somewhat subjective. Just general thoughts

2) If I went with option 2 (BMW) is that wheel still usable with the DD1 so I would only have the wheel base as a sunk cost (i.e. backup) if I decided to go to a DD1 in the future

Any feedback is appreciated.



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