CSW v2.5 side fan not running.... Fanatec Beta Driver V347

I installed the Beta V347 driver to work with the Fanalab 1.23 and the side fan dont spin, only the one in the back of the CSW.

Is this a know issue of this driver on the CSW v347?!

Also i found the FFB with less feeling then the official drivers v328... Which driver is better for the CSW v2.5 to work with Fanalab software?!

PC Driver: 356

WB FW: 669

SW FW: 28



  • PC driver 347

    wheel base fw: 662

    WB MF: 22

    SW FW: 28

    is my setup with clubsport 2.5 wheel + formula rim and podium shifters.

    my first 2.5 had a fan problem as well (the fan in the back made an incredible amount of high pitch noise), so i resend the unit and i the one i received afterwards doesnt has the problem anymore.

    since i noticed the on/off button was pretty loose, (and my unit didnt had that) i just suppose they give a refurbished unit.

    i'd say contact support, if a fan isnt spinning, its a hardware flaw. (normally they fans on the side are the idle fans, under heavy load the one in the back starts spinning also).

  • It's not a hardware issue. I restart the wheel base and the fans start working.

    But some timelater they stop.

    I'm a confused about this because since i got the wheel base the fans always spin and make noise whatever the case.

    After installed the latest beta drivers this behaior begun. Should the fans always spin or idle?!

  • As far as my experience - The fans spin up when the base is started (probably a function check), but mine are off until I've been using it a while. If you take a break, but leave the base on, the fans will idle back down (stop).

    As far as I know, this is all normal behavior, but it may be dependent on driver version. I currently using the 347 drivers. I normally wear headphones, so I don't really know when they come on while I am driving.

  • When i used the official drivers the fans were always on no matter the situation and when in game they run full.

    Before instaled 347 drivers the side fan didnt see it running and the fan in the back some times i find it on after the game.

  • I noticed this in the manual:

    When switching ON the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 the fans operate at maxi-mum speed until calibration run is completed.

    The operation speed of the fans is adjusted to the currently detected temperature of the motor inside the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 and could even stop, depending on used firmware version.

    The temperature control is subject to change by firmware updates so that the fans behavior also could be changed.

    This tells me we will see the fans operate slightly differently between various firmwares. In any case, it seems the fans are temp directed, so they may not necessarily run until the unit hits a specific temp.

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