First time Buyer - iRacing + Project Cars + Formula 1

Hello everyone,

I'm on the market for my first Fanatec steering wheel and I I'd love to hear you guys first. I mostly play on my Xbox One but I just build a high end PC Gamer and I want to get something that I can use with both. So as a Fanatec Fan I'm ready to get your suggestions.

There's nice options but I'm not sure which one to go to specially when we talk about the different bases. I'm interested getting the Clubsport V2.5 but at the same time I've seeing a lot of people migrating to Podium DD1. It's double the price and I'm not sure If I really need to spend all this money yet. Again I'm not a expert to I'd love to lear more (I'm reading a lot online).

For steering wheels I'm planning to get both ClubSport Steering Wheel GT Forza Motorsport and F1 Wheel. And pedals I believe I'll go with Clubsport V3.

Favorite games are iRacing, Project Cars, Assetto and F1 2019.

What are your thoughts?

Appreciate y'all!


  • clubsport V2.5, works great.

    I've had an logitech g25 , thrustmaster TS XW and recently got a clubsport 2.5.

    The direct drive systems are considered 'the best', however, I wouldn't recommend a DD system if you're an unexperienced sim racer.

    That being said, i was more comfortable with an updated -well reputated- wheel base (clubsport) than a fairly new Direct drive system.

    Also - keep in mind a direct drive has a tremendous torque and you 'll need a dedicated sim rig to attach it to.

    Since I used a TS XW (thrustmaster) and even with that kind of wheel I didn't use the full force of the wheel, so for me buying a DD was a waste of money. Also since the DD gives noticeable feeling of - every - single bump/ force, you'll get an incredible amount of detailed forces over the base and certainly as a beginner, its not a walk in the park.

    I would go for clubsport V3 pedals with the 2.5 base with the updated formula wheel (that's exactly what i got for the moment). I can't go wrong with that.

  • Hey Tom, thank you very much buddy. I appreciate your time and support. Yes i don't have a rig yet and probably will take some time so at the moment I have just my desk (as you can see it).

    I'll go with the 2.5 and V3 pedals.

    Thanks one more time buddy!

  • HI , I am new here, i see your comment is quite related to mine, my thrustmaster t300 gave up on me, so looking to get a fanatec setup

    was going to get the CSL Elite F1® Set - officially licensed for PS4™, as i feel its a good base to start off, but i thought to upgrade the wheel to a ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula Carbon

    so wanted to ask, is this compatible with f1 2019 on ps4?

    do i need to get a seperate shifter or does the wheel come with a paddle shifter?

    last but not least does it come with a table "mount"

    thanks , looking forward to your comments



  • Hey Koyinsola.

    I did a lot of research and here's what I know:

    • Every steering wheel/base is compatible with F1 2019 specially any CLS or CWB or DD base.
    • The CSL Elite F1 Set you are looking for comes with the paddle shift integrated on the steering wheel. You can buy some other accessories to upgrade that
    • No. No table mount. You have to purchase separeted.
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