CSW2+V3 not recognized in game

Hi there,

My wheel is a CSW2+xbox one hub and V3 pedalsI have this issue since friday, thursday the wheel base worked fine. Now, when in game the wheel is not recognized by the game, but it is recognized by windows indeed. Fanatec Wheel Properties page shows everything is ok. Display test, FFB test, steering wheel, pressing any button, all is correctly displayed on the Fanatec Wheel Properties but no game obeys to the wheel (assetto, Pc2, Automobilista 2).

Doesn't matter if pedals are used combined or separated, the result is the same. Fanatec wheel properties shows everything is correct and in game the wheel doesn't work.

Driver 328: Firmware 627 (freshly updated today)

So, any help would be higly appreciated, thx.

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