CLS Elite PS4 Base - Podium Hub - Future Upgrade

Hi Im looking at getting a sim set up but budget has to be a focus as does future upgrade, i appreciate it may not be able to answer as yet but first questions, will the hardware of CSL Elite for PS4 be supported on PS5 when this is released?

Also im looking at the CLS Elite PS4 wheel base, are the Clubsport V3 pedals compatible with this base?

Also is the Podium Advance Paddle compatible (am i correct in thinking the podium hub will be required to support Podium paddles?) And if teh hub is installed it will support any Fanatec wheel?

I can only see reference to the advanced paddles compatible with PS4 on the Podium Direct Drive Wheel based which is exceeding the budget at this moment, but wanting hardware that can expand towards this in the future.

I hope tha makes sense and someone can help me out.



  • They're very good questions actually.

    Regarding PS5 compatibility: I'm assuming the CSL Elite PS4 will be compatible. The CSL Elites are still fairly new.

    As for the CS V3 pedals. Yes it is compatible with the CSL Elite wheel base and are much much better than the standard pedals that come bundled with the CSL Elite bundle. I'm looking forward very much to getting the V3 pedals myself to replace my original 2-pedal set that came bundled with my CSL Elite PS4.

    Someone else may be able to better advise you regarding the Podium.

  • Thats superb thank you, as i was looking at the CSL Elite and V3 pedals to start with, and the podium add ons would be a future like if budget allows. I think from what ive tried to find the podium paddle shifters will work but need the podium hub, but nt sure, but anyway that is still very much in the future.

    Thank you for confirming the V3 peddles will work with the CLS Elite.

    Cheers stay safe

  • David SmithDavid Smith Member
    edited April 2020

    I can't wait to order my V3 pedals. They've got an infinite life span (or at least last many years) as opposed to the potentiometer driven standard CSL Elite pedals which often need cleaning and replacement. And the V3 pedals give very good response. I'm sure you've also seen from your research. Every single review of them I've seen has been extremely positive. You won't regret it.

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