Shipping time information

I bought a V2.5 pack with some V3 yesterday at 18.00 in the afternoon and I would like to know when they would arrive at my house, I am from Spain and it has been in process since this morning at 9.00, could someone tell me?


  • As far as I know, when you order, they will always give you info about the time and day of delivery to you or they will call you.

  • The preferred field of use of each type of transport is based on its technical and economic characteristics: on the location of transport infrastructure, countries or cities, and costs and transport time. The desire to reduce the cost of transport and increase the delivery rate leads to choosing variants of different types of transportation to maintain a specific freight and passenger traffic. As a transport, I only use those that deliver packages so that they don't get damaged with the help of winit package tracking. They always arrive whole.

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