Universal Hub for XBOX ONE

Hello fellow pilots.

I hope you are keeping well with all this problem with Covid-19.

I have a problem with my ClubSport steering wheel Universal Hub for XBOX ONE that I bought on May 6 2019.

I must say that it was working perfectly until I detected this problem today.

In iRacing he has the image turned to the left as if I were pressing the button "look to the left" and from there he doesn't leave until I change for one of the other steering wheels that I have ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2019 and ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula Carbon and the image returns to its normal state.

In Dirt 2.0, the situation is strictly the same, except that the image is turned backwards as if you were pressing the "look back" button and from there it doesn't come out.

When changing the wheels mentioned above everything goes back to normal.

It should be mentioned that in ACC and AC as well as in RFactor everything works normally ...

I installed the new drivers and firmware thinking it would solve the problem, but the truth is that the problem remains.

All your help would be really appreciated

PS: I run PC

Thank you in advance


  • I had a similar problem but it was an error of my part when i was setting it up in ACC ,however im using a console , i hope it helps

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