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Good day to all users of fanatec products! Can you please tell if someone has had such a situation that you have paid for an order at an online store and when you started to pay for the order there is an error on the fanatec website and the order is not made, but the bank withdraws the amount for the order and transfers fanatec for an imperfect order? What to do in this case?


  • You need to contact the sales team. On the website there is a 'contact us" form. Use the drop down box to pick the sales team.

  • Thank you, James, for the comment! I have already written to the sales department many times and they only answered me once and no longer reply. I read reviews that the support does not respond as quickly, many are dissatisfied with this.

  • Yes that similar occurrence happened to me a few months ago while placing an order at the Fanatec webstore checkout Aleksandr. Thankfully I was in contact with a customer service rep who when I told of the "payment error" that was happening at checkout was able to nevertheless verify purchase was successful so that was at least a relief.

    It was some time after when I checked my credit card transactions online I saw debits for the same amount multiple times (about 3-4). But each of the previous debits were followed by credits thereby balancing out the payments which then left the one last debit so in the end was ok.

    The webstore's checkout has been having issues for months now hence the mix ups.

  • Good evening, David! Thank you for the comment. I have a slightly different situation, the money was written off and the order wasn't made. But luckily I got a reply from the sales department today and was told that they had made me a refund. It's been seven days since that moment. I made 2 orders in 2019, everything was fine. I waited a long time for a reply from the sales department. Now I'll wait for the money to come back, they said up to 5 working days. 

  • Aleksandr, I am dealing with the same thing. Did you get in contact with someone regarding this?

    My bank statement clearly shows a payment to Endor America LLC. Paypal shows the same. But nothing is populated in the orders section of my account.

    Thanks for any insight you have on your situation.

    I just wanna race with good gear LOL.

  • Good evening, Barry! I contacted the sales department and they said they'd made me a refund. You'll have to wait five working days.

  • Appreciate your response. I an email early this morning (CST - US) and it stated they didn't have an order on file to make sure payment reflected that. So hopefully they issue a refund in the morning so I can get an order back in and get on good equipment - tired of my logitech stuff....

  • Good evening, Barry! I got my money back today, it's okay. I wish you good luck and good shopping.)

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