ClubSport Shifter SQ Limited Edition Doesn't Recognize 4th Gear in iRacing.

So like the title states, I have a new ClubSport SQ Limited Edition Shifter and when it's plugged into my kit and (in iRacing), the "set up wizard" doesn't recognize that I'm putting the Selector into 4th Gear. It sees 1st, 2nd & 3rd but it doesn't know you've moved the lever into 4th so you cannot complete the Set-up process. This is the "Error Message" that I get when I get to 4th-gear:

The shifter has already been sent back to Fanatec for support but they say it works fine in their lab, yet here I still am with a brand new shifter that doesn't work. I guess they don't have "phone tech support"? If they do, please share their number???


  • You did correctly calibrate the shifter with you base?

    In the manual of your base you should be able to find how to start calibration of the shifter.

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    Thanks for the idea, however since I'm using a Simucube 2 Pro DD motor (Simucube runs on it's own software package that is independent outside of iRacing), I'm not sure how this is relevant??? Please elaborate as I'm sure there's an easy explanation for this... Very much a time-suck trying to figure this out though... 😡

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    You did not mention the wheel base you used and how you connected the shifter to your PC. Via USB adapter or directly to a Fanatec base? Hard to guess you use a Simucube...

    When I update the firmware of my Fanatec base I need to recalibrate the shifter. Maybe check the Fanatec driver if it has calibration option when you use the shifter via USB adapter... Would be strange if the shifter doesn’t need any calibration via USB adapter and on a base it’s required.

    Check this video...

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