Again.... Really disapointed by Fanatec USA

I bought the Fanatec CSL Elite 11 days ago and my order was processed 10 days ago. Since then what happened ? A shipping label was created. At that point I was like "Cool I'll get my wheel soon!". I can't believe how wrong I was... Nope, the only thing that happened was this shipping label was created... Like I get it you must be short staffed but 10 days to get from the warehouse to the post office litterally 3-4 streets across ? I mean I could've taken my car from Quebec in Canada all the way to La Mirada in California to get my wheel and I would have it by now... Sure thing I won't be buying directly from you again. I bought a whole desk from France last week and I got it yesterday I mean A WHOLE DESK but in ten days you managed to create a label and thats it... Really disapointing. honestly if by 2 days from now it is not ship I'll ask for a full refund as this is making no sense.


  • Hey Louis-Charles Côté a lot of people are complaning about the same thing. At this point I believe Fanatec got tons of orders and they are trying to manage as best as they can. There's a few products showing 'out of stock' on their website but you can still buy and wait for backorder. Maybe that was you case. Anyway try to contact their customer support and see what happens. Good luck buddy!

  • I tried contacting their support but nobody is there on the phone line and the voicemail is full plus the email support is taking 6 days to give an answer for a question I didn't ask

  • Sorry to hear about your troubles, but with the COVID issue, internet issues, restrictions in different countries (US vs Germany, etc.) I think you are going to have to be patient. Like Leonardo said above, there are a lot of folks hammering them with questions, etc. due to low stock, delays in shipment, etc.

    If you are going to cancel, you need to do it before it gets to the shipped status (I think). There is some point in the process where they will advise you that you can no longer cancel the order.

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    I'm sorry that this is happening to you. I understand how frustrating this is. Maybe the CSL wheel is out of stock because there are lots of people buying sim racing gears these days.

  • I feel your pain....I made a purchase for a CSW 2.5 and the formula V2 wheel on APRIL 3!!! I can understand the COVID situation, but they shouldn't accept orders they cannot fulfill. This is just shady stuff. Not happy.

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    im in the same boat,

    $2500 order, paid $300 for shipping

    hasnt shipped for 10+ days. all requests for information are ignored.

    Covid is affecting everyone I get it, but there has been a complete breakdown somewhere. At least communicate properly with your customers. This is the worst purchasing experience i’ve ever had online.

  • I bought the wheel while they were still in stock and as we speak it is still in stock so wether they are lying or really painfully slow like they tell me "hey this is your tracking number the label has been created" and then 3 days later USPS still haven't got the package like guys from the warehouse to the USPS postal office it is a 45 minute travel WHEN THERE IS TRAFFIC. As far as I know 45 min isn't close to 3 days and soon to be 4 days.... I mean Covid or not they should at least ship their orders to USPS in like a day or two. I've waited 10 days for what ? Like I work at an electronic manufacturer and guess what we are backordered as HELL but still we manage to give all of our orders to the postal office in less than 2 days. To me as soon as Fanatec won't be in charge (when they are going to hand it off to USPS) then I will be able to breathe... At least their phone services still works... Anyhow if there is a person that works at Fanatec and that sees this please like really PLEASE tell me how you guys work like do you ship daily ? Is there like a truck that goes from your warehouse to the postal office everyday ? Or is it once in while when you feel like it ? Because right now it looks like I won't have my wheel before this Covid crap gets away....

  • Yeah it is the worst customer service I have ever seen and yet we are not the only one to feel like this... If you look at forums even before the Covid they still had a less than acceptable customer service....

  • When I bought the wheel it was still in stock and as of right now it is still in stock... At least that's what they are saying on their website....

  • Anyway... That'll clearly go on Youtube if it takes too long

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    A 10 day lead time is normal for orders to Canada. It states this in our shipping information at the bottom of the website, and this is unrelated to the current situation. Because of the additional restrictions in place and the increased demand on shipping services, it is possible that the normal shipping time could increase.

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    Also when it goes through customs it is out of anyone’s control and they currently have between 3-7 day delay depending on which port it goes through.

  • Yeah I know that but the thing is that it haven't even shipped yet.... All I had was a shipping label like 5 or 6 days ago and then nothing... I'm starting to think that maybe it is USPS that just stopped scanning items to get them faster

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  • Hey Dominic,

    I ordered on 13th of May in Fanatec USA.

    I wish to know what is happening with my order

    Will it be sent soon or it will be delay to 7th Aug?

  • This is very sad to hear. But not unexpected. Like so many others I listened to the hype and changed over to Fanatec three months ago. I had been using a T500RS that was defective so I was looking forward to being able again to win. Wrong... I bought a ClubSport Wheel Base V2 and a P1 wheel off ebay. I also bought a V3 pedals set from Fanatec. It also took a week and a half before the pedals made it to FedEx. FedEx dropped the ball and would have never got the pedals if I had not sent an email to the CEO of FedEx. Got them six hours later. Sadly, the P1 wheel shorted out within a week and it screwed up the base. After a few emails back and forth to Fanatec Support I was starting to see the writing on the wall. I want to be clear about this: There is no Fanatec Support for US customers, NONE. My only two chooses were to sell the V3 pedals and go with another Sim Hardware Company, or, Buy a new ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 and a new Wheel. I should have gone with the first one. But I didn't. I put in my order and a few weeks later had a new Porsche 918 RSR Steering Wheel. But the V2.5 Wheel Base as set to be shipped on June 12th, a month and a half wait. Today is June 16th and no email stating the base has been shipped. No tracking number. No email stating the shipping date has been moved, nothing. Fanatec can not be reached, by phone, by email. They do not return emails as of a month ago. Three things to note: First, Fanatec products are not what the hype says they are. Every Wheel base is shipped needing a firmware update. I'm not talking drivers, it of course needs drivers, I'm talking about firmware updates. Those things only needed when a product has gone to market to soon and is found to be defective. Firmware updates are meant to rewrite the inner workings of the control boards in the hopes of fixing a design flaw. If at any time the hardware losses power during a firmware update, it is bricked and is not covered under warranty. That brings me to Item number two. Fanatec does not base their warranty on the quality of their product, but instead on what they can get away with. Around the world their products have a two year warranty. However, due to a loop whole in the law, US customers only get a one year warranty. If Fanatec does not trust their own products, why should we? Last, there is zero support for US customers, yet the US make up a large part of Fanatec's customer base. If you have a problem, you can email support and wait days for a response, over and over, that will only ask questions and attempt to place blame on the customer. This is not support. The sooner all US sales go to zero the better. Good Luck,

  • I love how the only answer from Fanatec on this blog sounds like a position re-sighting bull, passing the buck. Dominic took the time to write a completely useless response. Hay Dominic, your time would have been better spent looking up this person's order status and giving him a straight answer. Customer service means you are serving the needs of the customer. The facts speak for themselves. Fanatec is only interested in sales, They are clearly aware that the products they are selling are flawed. And so, they do not provide real support. If we get the word out and stop buying, Fanatec will be forced to revamp their mission statement, and design their product or close down.

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    Sorry man but Dominic at least he is checking and nudging the sales guys and tries to provide you and others some light. So dont bring it to dominic which has helped a lot of us.

    At the end. You always have the option to cancel, get your money back and move on.

    If you choose at least to wait then don't blame and attack the only guy that although he is only the forum manager and is not his job to answer sales stuff but does it anyway.

  • By far the worst customer service I've ever had in 56 years WTF?

    they sent me an email saying my package and tracking number would be sent out June 12th. Today is the 18th and NOTHING... I have emailed them every day since the 12th and all I get is a ROBO reply saying they will answer in 5-7 days... PURE LIES... calling credit card company and getting a refund, fuk these guys...

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    56 years? Wow. You remember that far back? I cant even remember what I had for lunch last Friday. 😁

    Anyway. On a serious note.

    Don't call the credit card company.

    Cancel first from your account and you will received the refund very quickly.

    Wait 2-3 working days and if not credited back, then call the credit card and ask them to trace the refund.

    Edit: Be prepared if already shipped that you might have some small cancellation charges.

    P.S: Tracking numbers are being sent be the courier company email as far as I understood. Most of the times packages arrive without even have had the tracking number or without any info from the seller.

  • Je rencontre le même problème, j'ai effectué un achat le 23 avril avec une livraison prévue le 22 mai car le volant du CSL Elite n'était pas disponible et tous les autres étaient comme indiqué sur le site.

    Mais l'entreprise traite ses clients comme des ordures, si elle a des problèmes, elle met une personne pour répondre aux e-mails et une autre pour les appels, mais non, ils ne font rien.

    Ils ont reporté l'expédition jusqu'au 12 juin et rien, puis ont envoyé un e-mail disant qu'ils feraient une livraison partielle qui serait envoyée le 12 juin et rien.

    Comme d'autres l'ont dit, ils ont maintenant créé un numéro de suivi pour l'article qui devait être expédié le 12 et, comme je suis à Montréal, généralement 10 jours pour la livraison qui sera demain, mais je suis sûr qu'il n'y aura pas de magie.

    J'ai encore les autres articles qui, selon le courriel de Fanatec, seront envoyés le 26 juin, mais comme cette entreprise est un amateur, ils ne seront pas envoyés.

    Je pense appeler Fanatec devant les tribunaux, car vendre des produits sur le site Web en déclarant qu'ils en sont propriétaires et après la vente dit qu'ils ne sont pas en stock induit le client en erreur.

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