How is the FFB on ACC with the DD1 or DD2 now with acutal normal firmware and the newset Beta 373

Hi, ACC is my main Sim that I'm drinving. I actual own a logitech wheel and want to upgrade to a dicrect drive wheel. So I need help to decide between the dd2 and the simucube pro. I already drove the simucube 2 pro and it feels very nice. But I can't get a dd1 or dd2 to test. So I need your help.

Is fanatec with the newest firmware on part now with simucube or is there still something missing? I watched all youtube videos about this but I need more opinions when I do this massive invest with all the ecosystem and the follow up costs... it not only wheel and base ;).

Hope for your honest opinion and I'm already thanking your for your time to share your experience!



  • If you have tried the simucube and liked it you should go with that. The big jump is the move from logitech to DD. Any difference between DD wheels is small in comparison to that jump.

    You should not let other peoples opinions sway your personal experience.

    PS - you are unlikely to get a balanced opinion on a manufacturer forum. :-)

  • Thank you Gary for the reply. I know that manufacturer forums normaly are tend to their stuff - but like you I found simracers more open to honest opinions.

    The thing that keeps me asking at the moment is the money I have to spend for it. On the fanatec side it should be something like:

    DD1 + wheel + pedals v3

    on the other hand its

    Simucube pro + wheel + heusinkveld sprint pedals

    and the difference is something over 1000€. And I can't try here any near the fanatec stuff :/

  • First, you should go with the sprints regardless. Pedals make the biggest difference in lap times, and the HE pedals are better in every aspect than the v3 pedals. (Yes, I've owned both).

    Regarding wheelbases. The sc2 pro is probably slightly more refined than the dd1/dd2. The software that Simucube uses is a lot more developed than Fanatec software, but that is also due to the fact that Simucube has been perfecting their software for a decade and Fanatec just started making direct drives about 2 years ago. The jump between firmware prior to the performance update for the dd1/2, from how it felt then, to how the base feels now is night and day. My dd1 feels awesome, and I'm sure it'll only get better.

    With that said, had I not been on console a little over a year ago when I bought the dd1, and if I wasn't already in the Fanatec ecosystem, I would've probably gone with an sc2 pro, but that's personal preferance.

    In short.... For pedals, go with HE sprints. With wheelbases, can't go wrong either way honestly. Fanatec will be cheaper overall with wheels. The sc2 will probably make you feel a little better looking at it. Neither will make you faster, but neither should give you buyers remorse.

  • Thank you jack for your detailed view. I'm tending right to the sprints. They also get always very good reviews. Also think that when I get this good reports for the fanatec now with the newest driver... I tend also this way.

    Also some stated that fanatec is easier to tune and felt better on the simcade titles. Do to better implementation. This is also something I need to consider.

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